‘Yowamushi Pedal’ Season 2 release date confirmed


Netflix US just saw the animated series Yowamushi pedal added to his library just days after landing.

It could have annoyed some fans of the series who had been looking for her for a few days. However, it looks like the streaming giant has decided to give Pedal the fans are a bit of a giveaway since season 1 arrived a bit late. and a second season is not only underway, but is dropping sooner than expected.

What is the Yowamushi pedal?

For those unfamiliar with the Netflix anime, the sports-focused series is about a young boy who is coached at a school cycling club, where his new friends help him tackle tough challenges to develop his cycling talent. runner.

Sakamichi Onoda has just entered high school. In college, Onoda didn’t have any friends with whom he could talk about his interests. Now that he’s in a new school, he hopes to change that. However, he is crushed when he finds out that the club he wanted to join has been disbanded due to lack of interest. This forces him to find a new hobby.

According to the show, since he was a little boy, Onoda has been riding his bike for fun. At school, Shunsuke Imaizumi, another freshman and much more serious cyclist, notices that Onoda is riding a bicycle and makes fun of him. This mockery lasts until he sees Onoda climbing a steep hill with little effort. Another student named Naruko visits Akihabara and meets Onoda, who also catches his attention due to his cycling skills. Later, Naruko and Imaizumi try to convince him to join their high school bicycle racing club, Sohoku and ultimately, Onoda does just that.

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When is season 2 coming to Netflix?

As long as Yowamushi pedal Coming to Netflix, the first batch of episodes aired on the streaming service last week on September 14. The show’s first run saw a total of 38 episodes added. This was a bit later than originally planned, although the series has already played with fans’ emotions as it was completely removed from the September release schedule at the same time.

Now, it turns out that those who go through those first 38 episodes are going to be very happy. They won’t have to wait long to get their hands on it. Season 2 of Yowamushi pedal the episodes are slated for release on October 1.

Season 2 of Yowamushi pedal picks up where Season 1 left off. The season is nicknamed Yowamushi Big Pedal Route. Machimiya Eikichi joins the Sohoku squad for Season 2. Alongside the entire Hiroshima Kureminami Technical High School cycling team, Eikichi will attempt to defeat the rival school Hakone Academy.

Once viewers complete Season 2, there’s a chance they’ll have even more. There are two more seasons that could possibly arrive on Netflix. However, those seasons are yet to be confirmed for the streaming giant.

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