Wild travel debacles top Australia’s insurance claims list for 2021

Australia is a dangerous place to travel and, Covid issues aside, insurance claims this year have been in the thousands for many.

It has been a bizarre year for Australians, with borders closed and the outbreak of Covid.

But even with our borders closed for much of 2021, many people still managed to travel – and got into trouble while on vacation.

Australia is teeming with travel hazards, deadly snakes and spiders, large animals like kangaroos, wombats and cassowaries running regularly on the roads and in the wild weather, it is no surprise that thousands people were forced to call their insurance provider.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI), which has operated in Australia for over a decade and New Zealand since 1982, recently analyzed the numbers to rank the costliest claims.

In fiscal year 2020/21, the company sold over 211,000 policies and settled 31,000 claims.

Southern Cross Travel Insurance CEO Jo McCauley said interest in people buying travel insurance has skyrocketed thanks to the pandemic.

“After the Covid-19 epidemic, there has been an increased sense of what could go wrong on vacation, and we have seen this reflected in the growing number of people buying national travel insurance,” he said. she declared.

“It’s interesting that people usually buy insurance because they want to be covered while on vacation, but our higher number of claims shows that the unexpected can happen ahead of time whether you are traveling around the country. or abroad. Unfortunately, this can be a serious blow in your pocket if you don’t have travel insurance.

Here are the ten most expensive claims to hit Australians.

1. Surfer’s Paradise trip canceled

The most expensive claim paid by SCTI involved a Melbourne mother who had to cut her family’s vacation in Queensland short.

The mother and her two children with autism made it to Surfer’s Paradise, but returned home early when her six-year-old became extremely distressed due to her unfamiliar surroundings.

The child’s autism was declared and covered as a pre-existing medical condition and she received $ 6,043 for the canceled vacation.

2. Emergency visit to the hospital

The second most expensive claim was paid to the parents of a 15-year-old.

The teenager was hospitalized in Mackay, central Queensland, with acute appendicitis.

The 15-year-old was rushed to emergency surgery to remove the body part, with SCTI paying $ 4,685 to cover canceled family accommodation and flight change costs.

3. Injury while cycling in Tasmania

A Tasmanian tourist was paid $ 4,536 after falling off his bike on the first day of a six-day tour of Apple Island.

The fall put the 47-year-old cyclist in hospital for three days and left him with multiple fractures.

Unsurprisingly, he was unable to complete the non-refundable tour.

His claim for over $ 4,500 included the remainder of his tour and his missed accommodation.

4. Another bicycle injury

Taking fourth place is another cycling injury, but it happened before the 65-year-old could even leave on her trip.

The woman was affected by a nervous conflict and muscle inflammation, preventing her from going on vacation.

She claimed $ 4,021 for the canceled trip.

5. Cancer relapse

A 59-year-old man tragically had to cancel his trip after his cancer returned.

They claimed $ 3,339 for the unused vacation.

6. Work accident

A 24-year-old had booked an exciting vacation in Australia before an accident at work forced them to cancel it.

Their pre-booking travel insurance meant they had received the full $ 3,318.

7. Alpine horse incident

A 75-year-old man claimed $ 3,256 after falling from a horse and sustaining a painful broken collarbone while on an alpine safari.

The man was traveling with travel insurance, which allowed him to claim the $ 3,256 for accommodation he must have missed and the remainder of his horseback tour.

8. Trip canceled following an accident

A 44-year-old mother from Queensland had to cancel her trip to Cairns and return home after learning her six-year-old had been hospitalized. after being involved in an accident.

The mother rushed to her home in Brisbane to be with her child in the hospital.

She claimed $ 2,871 for the canceled trip.

9. Cassowary accident

A driver had to file a claim after a cassowary rushed onto the road in remote Cape Tribulation in far north Queensland.

Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Rainforest is teeming with huge cassowaries, which can weigh up to 80kg.

The front of the driver’s car was damaged, leading them to claim $ 2,750.

10. Reunion with his wife

An 87-year-old man canceled his trip after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The husband came home so that he could be with his wife for her operation.

He claimed $ 2,400 for the canceled trip.

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