Where to get an electric bike in British Columbia

Do you feel the creak at the pump? E-bikes are an investment, but with gas prices hitting $2/liter (with no end to the price spike in sight), it could pay off in just a few months.

Do you feel the creak at the pump? E-bikes are an investment, but with gas prices hitting $2/liter (with no end of price hikes in sight), it could pay off in just a few months. These bikes are always in high demand, so if you find the one you want in stock, jump on it before someone else drives off with it.

Do I need special insurance?

Yes and no. Car insurance with ICBC is not required (see more here). These bikes may be covered by home/renter insurance, but as these bikes often cost upwards of $1,000, check your policy details as additional coverage may be required.

Can I ride an e-bike in the rain?

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, riding an e-bike in the rain is safe. Take the same precautions as when driving in the rain (headlight, extra time for the trip and space to brake).

What else should I know?

The Highway Code applies and wearing a helmet is mandatory. Electric bikes are intended for people 16 years and older.

Based in Seattle Rad Electric Bikes is the best-selling brand of electric bikes combining European-style frames with state-of-the-art batteries, LED lights, power meter, speedometer and puncture-proof tires. There’s a showroom in the Mount Pleasant area of ​​Vancouver for those who want to give it a try (they also do mobile test drives in some areas; fill out this form to see if you qualify). There are several styles out of stock, but right now the Step by step RadCity 5 Plus the commuter bike is available in April in anthracite and white. Starting at $2,299 at Rad Electric Bikes.

Raleigh Electric Bike

Canadian Tire has Raleigh e-bikes that reach speeds of up to 20 mph with nine gears. They have an LCD screen on the handle and a long battery life (although the bike still runs even when not charged). A small stock of Men’s and Women’s bicycles are still available.

Note: According to the fine print, these bikes cannot be returned.

Women’s bike: $2,799.99 at canadian tire.

Men’s bike: $2,799.99 at canadian tire.

Ride a city bike

For a compact bike that needs to fit into a small space, this GO City Electric Bike has a 500W crank motor and operates in four modes (manual, electric, pedal assist and walking) and reaches speeds of up to 29 km/h. Find it for $1,199.97 at best buy.

Go Trax Bike

Amazon has a selection of e-bikes, and this one GoTrax is highly rated. It reaches speeds of up to 20 km/h and features an aluminum alloy frame, 26″ tires and is suitable for a rider up to 5’9″. Find it for $1,699.99. Read reviews and see more specs on Amazon here.

Hype electric bike.

This Hyper Electric the bike is one of the cheapest options we’ve come across. We like the unisex blue frame, which features six gears, and the specific battery power information available (it lasts about 20 miles/four hours). Find it for $898 at walmart.

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