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Is it just a little fun and you don’t care? Or does that make you uncomfortable and want him to focus only on football?

Whichever way you lean, it’s about time we had a conversation about Ben Foster, the YouTuber and footballer.

Saturday was embarrassing for many reasons, but especially for the 38-year-old, who gave UFC fighter Paddy Pimblett and his friend a pair of tickets. They are both Liverpool fans and were sent off from a home section at Vicarage Road for celebrating the team’s 5-0 away win.

Pimblett confirmed that Foster gave him the tickets and Tom Ochoa – the business manager of The Cycling GK, Foster’s YouTube channel – was seen standing sheepishly next to the pair before they were escorted off the ground by security personnel. “Ben Foster, I love you mate,” Pimblett yelled as he was kicked out. “But I hope Watford is going to fall, you are horrible, horrible.” He was then told to leave the home fan pub just across the floor.

Athletic have been told by a source in Watford that “the club will deal with the incident internally”.

Players are given a certain number of tickets for each game to give away to their friends and family and the team are expected to be well aware of where their relationships will be seated. It is an unwritten rule that, even if a guest’s loyalty is to the opposing team, they must keep their emotions in check and be respectful to the home fans around them.

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