WarnerMedia may seek rights to broadcast NBA games on HBO Max

WarnerMedia may seek rights to broadcast NBA games on HBO Max

WarnerMedia may seek the right to broadcast NBA games on HBO Max, SportTechie has learned. Turner Sports, which is also owned by WarnerMedia, will see its current NBA broadcast rights deal come to an end after the 2024-25 season.

“It could be a destination down the road to put NBA games on HBO Max, I think there’s no doubt about that,” said Peter Scott, vice president of emerging media and innovation. from WarnerMedia, at SportTechie on Wednesday at the SportsPro OTT Summit USA at Citi Field. “If we can get a deal where the cable companies agree with us, I think you have to look at that as a potential place. And we will have to pay an additional amount to be able to distribute on HBO Max.

Turner Sports last week reached an eight-year deal with US Soccer to broadcast more than 20 USWNT and USMNT games per year on HBO Max starting in 2023, with around half of those games also shown on TNT and TBS. Turner also secured the rights to eventually put NHL games on HBO Max as part of his seven-year deal with the league announced in April. Internationally, HBO Max is also currently showing UEFA Champions League matches in Brazil and Mexico.

“What we want to do with HBO Max is we want to put live sports on it,” Scott said. “There may be a scenario where we go back to our partners with the cable operators and say, ‘Hey, do you mind if you put this on HBO Max?'”

Turner also has ongoing US broadcast deals with MLB and NCAA March Madness. Scott also thinks HBO Max could eventually offer multiple alternate streams for live sports, as well as on-screen betting and e-commerce integrations.

“Will there be overlays that you can turn on and off, much like an Amazon x-ray?” he said. “Or if LeBron [James] is streaming on our network, and he’s got a great pair of sneakers, I’d just like to bing-bing [and] I can buy it.

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