Victim finds sugar in gas tank unrefined act: Middleburg Heights police blotter



Vandalism: Eastland Road

An officer spoke to a man at 10:36 a.m. on July 8 about the damage to his truck. The victim said she drove to her truck that morning and noticed that the driver’s side rear tire was flat. He filled it with air, but as he tried to exit his driveway, his truck made a loud noise and stalled. He couldn’t restart it.

He found grains of sugar near the gas tank. He believed someone had poured sugar into his gas tank, causing it to stall.

He said he was having trouble with a certain man. The victim said he rented a trailer from the man, who claimed he was not paid for the swap. This caused problems between the two.

The victim said that prior to this incident he found dead fish in his front yard. He believed the man in question had done it.

The victim said he parked his truck in full view of the cameras he had installed due to the trailer incident. Cameras showed, however, that no one had approached his truck while it was parked in the driveway. It was determined that the sugar had probably been poured into the tank at another location, which was not identifiable.

The victim’s insurance company requested a police report, which noted that there was no evidence the man in question was responsible for the damage.

License expired: Big Creek Parkway

On July 7, an officer checked the car in front of him and learned that his registration had expired in January. It also showed that the owner of the car had an active warrant with the Parma police.

He stopped the car. The driver was the owner of the car. The officer also confirmed the warrant. He asked the driver to get out of the car, which she did. He arrested her for the active term. She was also cited for expired plates. She was transferred to the Parma police without incident.

Material damage: Smith Road

A man went to the police station on July 7 for damage to his motorcycle while it was parked at the Convenient Food Mart. The man said he parked it there around 12:30 p.m. on July 5 and entered the store. He stayed inside for about five to ten minutes.

When he returned to his motorcycle, he saw that the radio display unit was broken from its bracket and had been pushed into the dashboard. The dashboard area next to the radio display unit was scratched and damaged.

He said he saw a man sitting in front of the store on a trash can. The victim approached him and asked him if he knew what had happened to his motorcycle. The man said that if he had wanted to steal his radio, he would have stolen the entire motorcycle.

The man then became very defensive and agitated, leading the victim to believe that he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The victim said the man held up a knife and began to spin it around and gesture with it.

The victim returned to the store and asked the manager if he could see the cameras in the parking lot. He watched the video and couldn’t see anyone around his bike while inside the store.

The victim said she still believed the man he saw outside caused the damage and wanted to press charges. The officer checked and learned that the suspect man was taken to hospital shortly after the incident. The officer also learned of the man’s name and other identification.

He asked the victim if he would be able to identify the man from a series of photos. The victim said he would. The victim successfully identified him in a series of photos.

The officer went to the Convenient Food Mart on July 8 and examined the security tape. The clerk said she was the one working at the time of the incident and said the man in question had not approached the motorcycle. The security tape backed up his statement. The officer noted that at no time did the man approach or approach the motorcycle.

The police report was initially noted as a criminal offense. It was changed to property damage.

Flight: Pearl Route

An officer visited Sunnyside Mitsubishi on July 8 regarding a stolen catalytic converter. A man said the car in question was not damaged when it was parked in the parking lot overnight on July 6. However, employees noticed that the catalytic converter was later removed from the car.

He was parked in an area without security cameras. The car that was tampered with was the only one at the time. There are no suspects in the incident.

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