Unbound Gravel will have live coverage on FloSports


For the first time in history, a gravel race will be broadcast live. Garmin Unbound Gravel presented by Craft has teamed up with FloSports to show the last 25 miles of elite men’s and women’s races on Saturday June 5th.

With commentary from Frankie Andreu and Janel Spilkner, the broadcast will begin on Saturday at noon CET with shots of downtown Emporia, interviews with runners and spectators and a preview of the All Things Gravel Expo. Additionally, FloSports has agreed to a two-year partnership with Life Time, so this won’t be the only time the gravel event will be broadcast live.

“We are very pleased that FloSports has made the decision to provide this first opportunity to bring Garmin Unbound Gravel to the masses for the next two years, which is symbolic of the boom in gravel cycling,” said Kimo Seymour, President events. and the media for life. “The gravel scene is unlike any other kind of cycling, and participants train for Unbound for months after eagerly awaiting the lottery results. For many, it’s a bucket list accomplishment. I’m grateful that through FloSports viewers everywhere can experience our event, celebrate with the athletes, and hopefully be inspired to try gravel cycling for themselves.

As the gravel scene continues to grow and attract professional road athletes and gravel-focused athletes, live coverage of a gravel event is a milestone for this new discipline of cycling.

“FloSports is honored to partner with Life Time for Unbound Gravel and we believe this will be one of the most exciting shows this year for fans who love cycling as it is the first time that any gravel will be produced at this level, ”says Ryan Fenton, Director, Global Rights Acquisition at FloSports.

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