Udaipur killer paid Rs. 5,000 for bicycle license plate ‘2611’

Udaipur killer paid Rs. 5,000 for bicycle license plate ‘2611’

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02 Jul 2022, 00:03
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Police say the new clue can help reveal crucial information about the heinous act and its planning.

Rajasthan police made a shocking revelation in the Udaipur murder case on Friday.

They said one of the suspects, Riyaz Akhtari, had paid extra for a motorcycle registration number that read “2611”.

The number alludes to the date of the worst terrorist attack in Mumbai.

Authorities say the two suspects fled on the same bicycle after brutally killing the tailor.

Why is this story important?

  • The horrific murder shocked everyone and sparked nationwide condemnation.
  • The incident also sparked protests in different parts of Udaipur where all shops and businesses were closed following the incident.
  • Authorities have also temporarily suspended internet services in Udaipur district as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of misinformation and rumours.

What exactly did the police say?

According to police officials, the bicycle bearing the suspect registration number RJ 27 AS 2611 is currently at Dhan Mandi Police Station in Udaipur.

They said Riyaz deliberately asked for the number ‘2611’ and paid an extra Rs. 5000 for it.

This could reveal crucial information about this heinous act and its preparation, sources said. NDTV.

Significant clue to deepen the case: the police

According to reports, police believe the license plate could also be a clue to what was going through Riyaz’s mind as early as 2014.

Police officials said NDTV that Riyaz’s passport revealed that he had traveled to Nepal in 2014.

“His mobile data also shows that his phone was used to make calls to Pakistan,” they added.

The bicycle seized from the accused Riyaz is the main evidence

After murdering Kanhiya Lal in broad daylight, the two killers fled on this bicycle, which is currently parked at a police station in Udaipur.

This bicycle, seized from Riyaz Akhtari, is part of the archives of the police station.

The pair were trying to flee on this bicycle when they were apprehended at a police checkpoint in Rajsamand district, about 45 kilometers from Udaipur.

What do the transportation department records say?

According to documents from the Regional Transport Office (RTO), Riyaz Akhtari acquired the bike in 2013 through a loan from HDFC Bank.

Vehicle insurance expired in March 2014.

Kanhaiya Lal, who was killed on Tuesday by two knife-wielding butchers, had 26 wound marks on his body.

The killers recorded the heinous crime and then gloated about it in a video.

What do we know about the case so far?

According to reports, there were 26 stab wounds on the victim’s body, as revealed by the autopsy.

In the meantime, the court sent them into custody for 14 days.

As many as 32 Indian Police Service (IPS) officers, including the Inspector General and Superintendent of Udaipur Police, have been transferred following the horrific murder.

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