Tweets of the week: Geraint Thomas Photoshop, Chloe Hosking on roller skates and avoiding friendships with WorldTour riders


Well cycling fans, this is the end of an era.

This edition of Tweets of the Week marks the last time I wrote this prestigious article before I left. Weekly Cycling.

I’ll be giving the speeches and you can hold back your tears, this is only social media after all, so let’s jump right into the online gold you’re here for.

In the last episode of Tweets of the week, we have a questionable Geraint Thomas Photoshop, an in-depth interview with James Shaw, and Chloe Hosking’s ultra-dangerous new hobby.

1. This is the only interview with James Shaw that you have to watch

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2. That’s why you don’t make friends with the WorldTour pros

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3. Discuss what it is like to be superhuman?

4. Find someone who looks at you like Alberto looks at his bike.

5. Driving in North Wales is like …

6. Ellen Noble remembers with emotion the elimination of Marianne Vos at the halfway point

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7. There must be a name for the phenomenon of initiation to rollerblading in your thirties?

8. Ashes teams look a little crazy this year

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9. Intermarché is stepping up its game of memes? We approve

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10. Speed ​​is clearly part of the Dowsett family

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We’ll be back in seven days with more tweets this week.

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