Thömus Maxon launches 2022 XC Race Team with Mathias Flückiger, Alessandra Keller and more

Press release: Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing

2021 has been Thömus maxon Swiss Mountain Bike Racing’s most successful season so far. By winning the UCI Mountain Bike Overall World Cup and Mathias Flückiger’s outstanding performance, the Swiss team reached the top of the world. However, the successes did not make the Swiss team tired, but hungry for more.

Right now, the whole team is in a training camp in Girona, Spain. In addition to basic road and MTB training, the program includes material testing and, last but not least, teamwork. On Saturday (Alessandra Keller) and Sunday (Vital Albin, Luke Wiedmann, Timo Müller, Roman Holzer), the whole team will contest the first race of the season at the Copa Catalana Internacional de Banyoles against top-level competition.

“The main thing is to get used to a higher pace again after the long period without racing.” says team leader Ralph Näf. And to add: “Races like this allow riders to try a few things and take risks. In the regular season, we don’t like to experiment.” Mathias Flückiger is taking his time with the start of the season. “I will support my team from the touchline.” Said the Olympic silver medalist.
Swiss support for Swiss runners

“We are fortunate that existing partners have expanded their engagement and we have won new partners.” Näf is enthusiastic. This weekend, the team will wear the team jersey in the new design for the first time. The red jersey represents concentrated Swiss power. Indeed, the team not only has two strong title partners in Thömus and maxon, but also four other main Swiss partners in ÖKK, Noser Group, DT SWISS and Disentis. ÖKK and Noser Group also support the Youngstars junior team.

Quote Noser Group

The NOSER GROUP and its companies are among the leading providers of ICT solutions and services in Switzerland. With its subsidiaries AKROS and Bucher + Suter, it has been committed for years to young Swiss cyclists. “We are proud to continue our commitment to cycling as a sponsor of the RN team and to share the responsibility as the name-bearer of the “Thömus AKROS Youngstars” team, so that promising Swiss mountain bikers can join the ‘elite,” said Andreas Schicker, Noser Group Marketing Director.

Quote ÖKK

ÖKK is an insurance company with a healthy Grisons spirit and a heart for cycling. Through various partnerships, the mutual is involved in high-level, junior and popular sport. With specific products, ÖKK offers attractive offers, discounts and experiences for all cyclists – added value that is not available from any other Swiss health insurer. “ÖKK is pleased to partner with Thömus maxon teams to bring the enthusiasm for cycling to the outside world,” says Stefan Schena, CEO of ÖKK. “Together we make cycling an experience for everyone and thus contribute to the promotion of health.”

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