This French insurance company offers solid coverage for bicycle equipment



As anyone who has bought motorcycle gear knows, it can get expensive. Even if you don’t buy one-piece leathers to get to the track, those costs can quickly add up. If you crash, you’ll be glad you were protected, but buying any new gear can still take a big financial chunk out of it. Although some insurance companies cover equipment, there is a lot of variation.

If you are in France, you may already know that the Mutuelle des Motards offers motorcycle equipment coverage with its policies. The company has been covering helmets and other motorcycle safety gear such as jackets, pants, boots and gloves under various policies since 2018. If you buy Authentik, 100%, Maxiscoot, Side by Side, Starter or Urban policies Scoot 125 I will automatically receive up to € 1,000 (approximately $ 1,204) in equipment reimbursement in the event of an accident.

Airbag vests, including gas cartridges that must be replaced if deployed, are also covered. Interestingly, the Mutuelle des Motards also states that waterproof over-jackets or any other gear you wear to stay warm in cold weather is also covered by this policy. To make claims, you will need receipts to present to the company, but this is a perfectly reasonable expectation.

If you prefer additional coverage, you can add the Optimal Driver Equipment add-on to your policy for € 45 per year (or just over $ 54). This increases the coverage of your available equipment up to € 2,000 (around $ 2,407), which could come in handy if you have a particularly high-end helmet or other equipment that you like to ride regularly.

Equipment insurance coverage is especially useful if you are concerned about safety, as it encourages riders to purchase new equipment if it is destroyed in an accident. When money is an issue, it’s easy to make sub-optimal choices that aren’t as safe as they could be, just because you have bills to pay. An insurance plan offering this type of reimbursement can therefore make a big difference in terms of security.


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