Thibaut Pinot’s doomed Giro d’Italia campaign has a theme song


Until last week, Thibaut Pinot’s season was going very differently from what it looks like now. At the time: he was all about the Giro d’Italia. Now: He withdrew from the Italian tour citing persistent back problems, the remnants of a not-so-pleasant crash in Nice during last year’s Tour de France.

It’s bad. Bad for Thibaut, bad for fans of the mercurial Frenchman, bad for the prospect of serious grief when things didn’t go as planned.

But it’s particularly bad for Jaune Mayo, a French band who, in a cruel twist, have just released their second single to inspire Pinot to new heights at the Giro.

Jaune Mayo is an acoustic duo made up of “two cousins, two guitarists, one from Picardy, the other from Béarn who meet every summer in a family home in French Provence to share their passion for cycling and music”.

The duo burst onto CyclingTips’ radar with the song “Tibopino,” a moving ode to Pinot’s stunning / heartbreaking 2019 Tour de France.

In a heartbreaking end to Thibaut Pinot’s 2019 Tour de France, he abandoned stage 19 due to a muscle tear in his left thigh. He said later that he believed to win this Tour de France.

In anticipation of their hero’s glorious incline at the Giro, Jaune Mayo sent an email enthusiastically informing us of their new outing – the day before Pinot announced his withdrawal.

“Because we’ll always believe it, this song is meant to cheer on Melisey’s champion Thibaut Pinot during the 2021 Giro d’Italia which kicks off on May 8,” the email read. “Thibaut is injured in the back but Thibaut is still holding. If the final victory is no longer the goal, no doubt it will be great and we will be delighted. Maybe with a stage victory at the end? “

As we now know, this is wishful thinking. Thibaut is injured in the back; Thibaut is no longer standing.

But at least we’ve got a theme song for a ride that’ll never happen, with a fun video featuring three baby goats – named Twiley, Zonk, and Galaxy – wearing pajamas and doing baby goat stuff.

In the absence of the most emotional rider in cycling, this is exactly the kind of compensation I will take.

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