The Véloroute des Cathédrales promotes well-being on two wheels


A TEAM of cyclists from Bradford Cathedral embarked on a regional journey promoting the wellness benefits of two-wheel riding.

Cyclists ride part of the new Cathedrals Cycle Route connecting all 42 Anglican Cathedrals in the UK. Twenty cyclists ride between Bradford and Wakefield Cathedral today – World Cycling Day – passing the baton to the next group of cyclists, in a relay event that kicks off the new course. Joining a national network of cyclists from all cathedrals to promote eco-friendly travel and mental and physical well-being, the Bradford team will carry the witness engraved with the words “Some days you need a helping hand. .. other days you are called upon to lend a hand.

Bradford Cathedral has partnered with the University of Bradford Students Union and the cycling capital of Bradford for the 20-mile ride to Wakefield Cathedral, which includes the Spen Valley Greenway and the Dewsbury Cathedral.

The first group of cyclists left Newcastle Cathedral on Sunday and a group is expected to return to Newcastle in early July, having cycled through each cathedral. The relay coincides with The World’s Biggest Bike Ride, marking the opening of Bike Week (until June 5) organized by Cycling UK.

The 2,000 mile route is a partnership between Sustrans, Cycling UK, the British Pilgrimage Trust and the Association of English Cathedrals. Cyclist Shaun Cutler, who came up with the idea, said: “Now more than ever, after a year of living with the pandemic, this is a way to support mental and physical health and to promote the mission of the cathedrals of ‘England through pilgrimage, welfare and heritage. ”

The hike will raise funds for Cycling UK’s Break the Cycle appeal, improving well-being through community cycling clubs and projects. Bradford Cathedral Cycling Champion Maurice Manktelow said: “The creation of the routes will help encourage positive physical and mental health, as well as support a sustainable mode of travel. ”

Adam Tasker, Head of Student Development at the University of Bradford, said: “UBU has put together a group of students who have never ridden before to join us on this hike. It will be a great challenge. Aggie Maxwell, Head of Outreach at Capital of Cycling, said: “The increase in cycling in Bradford will make our city a happier and more prosperous place, by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, by making healthier people and reducing transportation costs. This ride celebrates the strength of the Bradford cycling community and the hope we have for its future.

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