The toughest and most devious finals in show history

Challenge finals are never easy, but some are so exhausting that competitors always have to have PTSD. These finals tested players in every way they could.

At The challenge, Finals are known to be grueling events designed to test players’ endurance and desire to win. However, some have been much worse than others. They were the gnarled ones Challenge finals that pushed the competitors to their limits and sometimes even beyond.

The show’s finals have evolved over the many seasons the popular competitive MTV show has aired. Previously they were one day long and the finals overall weren’t too demanding. But the following seasons intensified it considerably.

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Now, the challengers can look forward to a two-day finals that will test them in ways they never imagined. These are the most despicable finals the producers have concocted in the past 37 seasons.


Double agents

One of the toughest finals in Challenge the story happened last season on Double agents. Viewers were stunned by the Double agents final which included a grueling first day. The final started with a five-mile run over rocky terrain that injured Kaycee Clark. During the Double agents In the final, the contestants also had to slash fish eyes, sheep hearts, sheep faces, ram testicles and a liter of blood, before heading to a wet and icy ice cave where they passed the night. Day two included more racing and puzzles, and after the whole ordeal Amber Borzotra and CT Tamburello were elated, but exhausted, when they came in first.


For the Rivals Finally, players started being dragged underwater by a speedboat, then kayaking for three miles before reaching the next checkpoint. Competitors had to wear a “pet rock,” which was a large boulder attached to a chain. the Rivals Challenge The finale also included a dastardly puzzle that asked players to memorize a complex campsite and recreate it after a long period of time. There was also a meal serving and a literal mountain climb as part of the final, and two teams didn’t even cross the finish line.

Battle of the Exes II

This two-day final dropped the contestants into the water from a helicopter, and in addition to a large portion of the kayak, there was also liquid fish roe and caviar paste for players to suck up. There was a surprisingly difficult rock-throwing challenge which took the competitors a long time and made their bike ride later even more difficult. Challenge Champion Jordan Wiseley and Sarah Rice took the win, but had to endure that nightmarish final to take the silver.

Battle of the bloodlines

the Battle of the bloodlines The final stood out in the minds of many fans as it was the only final to take place in a bustling city. Players had to complete part of the race while carrying a 120 or 60 pound bag for men and women, respectively. Then they had to climb a series of bulky barrels up a hill, back and forth. Later, the contestants were given a tough challenge of flipping mugs of beer into a barrel, and they had to drink a beer if they didn’t have it in it. As in Rivals, players were given a heavy briefcase to carry, and after paddling 10 miles and eight laps through an Olympic stadium, every challenger was completely exhausted.

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds Final The Challenge

the War of the Worlds season had the most grueling finale of almost any season. Competitors had to traverse what was called “The Path of Death” which included more than 50 miles of desert terrain. There was a 24 mile portion of the final that alternated between running and cycling and there were several riddles, challenges and math problems. Players had to cross endless sand dunes, eat copious amounts of food and go kayaking, and at the end of the final, the times for each portion were added up to determine a winner. It was an intimidating finale, and several challengers were medically disqualified, and those who finished are likely scarred for life.

The challenge finals are never easy, but these finals must have given the competitors who completed them PTSD. They were tough in a way players never thought possible and tested their limits. All in all, the finals seem to be getting more and more difficult, and the future candidates are having a rough time.

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