The MTB Exchange wants to connect women mountain bikers in Ontario

Manda Freyman wants to make the connections that she believes will inspire more women to ride mountain bikes. It is already hard at work in Ontario, through the MTB Exchange.

“I started this initiative to connect female mountain bikers,” says Freyman, founder of The MTB Exchange. “I noticed that the perception of mountain biking as ‘hardcore’ deterred women from participating, even if they were competent riders, and mountain biking requires a ‘place’ to participate.

The MTB Exchange launched in 2021. The program connects cyclists across Ontario, facilitating social outings at different hubs across the province. It provides an opportunity to make new cycling friends, develop skills and explore different trail networks as a group. Host clubs create routes for different skill levels, showcasing the area’s best trails for each level of ability.

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Freyman’s outdoor program quickly gained momentum when it premiered.

In 2022, it has 19 registered mountain bike clubs. Now Freyman has more support for his project. Liv Cycling Canada joins as a partner of The MTB Exchange.

“Liv Cycling Canada is honored to partner with The MTB Exchange for the 2022 season. Our programs in Canada have always focused on growing the cycling community and bringing women together,” says Vanessa Lebrun, Cycling Specialist. brand at Liv Cycling Canada. “This is exactly what the MTB exchange is. Through this program, we hope to invite more women into the sport, but also to empower them, to have them commit to themselves and to feel inspired by the women around them, while being a source inspiration for others.

The MTB Exchange is open to anyone who identifies as a woman. Participants should be comfortable cycling distances ranging from 10 to 30 km and choose the right group based on their skills and fitness level. Each ride will be followed by a social gathering, sometimes featuring local businesses.

Four levels range from Novice, meaning beginner riders who know at least cycling, to “Competitive”.

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