The Bristol Press – Charges have been dropped against Bristol man who police say posted a chase video on YouTube

BRISTOL – A Bristol man arrested in July 2019 after police and city officials said at the time he was known to recklessly ride an off-road motorcycle with friends on ATVs around Bristol did no longer facing charges.

Nathan Lawley, 23, of Michael Street, had his case dropped following scheduled proceedings in New Britain’s Superior Court on Monday.

It comes after Lawley was granted expedited rehabilitation in January 2020 – a first offender program that allowed him to keep his record clean. The program acts as a probationary period, during which offenders must avoid further arrests and comply with conditions imposed by a judge.

Lawley was arrested in July 2019 after police managed to link him to numerous videos posted on social media that show people driving around the city, crossing oncoming traffic, crossing stop signs and red lights, illegally passing other vehicles and performing “wheelies,” according to the warrant for his arrest.

After the arrest, several city officials released a statement on the case, saying the allegations create quality of life problems for Bristol residents. During the investigation, which lasted a few months, officers seized an all-terrain motorcycle and two ATVs, police said.

Lawley had been charged by Bristol Police with three counts each of second degree reckless endangerment and reckless driving. He also at one point faced charges stemming from an arrest in Plymouth, including reckless driving, risk of injury to a minor, interference with police, pursuit by police, driving of an unregistered motor vehicle that is driven without insurance.

During the program, he was ordered to avoid arrest, commit no movement violation, and operate no motor vehicle without the required license, registration and insurance.

According to the arrest warrant in the Plymouth case, Lawley and a minor were seen on April 29, 2019 driving an all-terrain motorcycle and ATV in Plymouth, where police attempted to arrest them. Police said the two refused to stop and engaged officers in a chase. They were then identified using a video posted to YouTube, as one of them recorded the pursuit, according to the warrant. The minor was also charged.

Police wrote in the warrant that they had identified Lawley in “countless” videos posted to social media accounts which showed him driving recklessly around Bristol. According to the warrant, some of these video titles included “Sick Wheelies … Then He Gets Locked Up”, “Cops Shut Down the Music Video Shoot” and “Crazy Cop Chase (He Was Not Happy)”.

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