The best wallpapers for smartphone and desktop from FFXIV

Tucked inside Final Fantasy XIV‘s Lodestone, the game’s official community site, is an ever-growing library of device wallpapers. Over the years since A kingdom reborn, the Fan Kit gallery has also added new icons, ringtones and other elements for fans of the game. The latest addition was at the end of December, with all 19 illustrations featured during the countdown for FFXIV: Endwalkeris available as wallpapers.

With Endwalker Ending the game’s main story arc, browsing fan kit wallpapers feels like a walk down memory lane. Each expansion pack and other major fixes have their own artwork available in a variety of resolutions, optimized for desktop, Android, iPhone, and iPad. If anyone is looking for their favorite character, monster, or working class, the giant list has enough of them to keep everyone happy.


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the Final Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn the wallpaper tabs have an assortment of illustrations that feature Eorzea. There are beautiful scenes depicting the residential neighborhoods of Limsa Lominsa, Gridania, and U’dah from a distance, giving a perspective that players typically don’t see in the game. The character wallpapers have the Scions of the Seventh Dawn in their eyes. first outfits, long replaced by new clothes. Some of the wallpapers that celebrate the game’s first anniversary after its resurrection in FFXIVPatch 2.0’s are particularly heartwarming. There are bottles of Realm Reborn Red wine, the adults clink glasses with champagne and Tataru, among other things, has a blast.

Official Final Fantasy XIV: Celebrating Pixel Scions Wallpapers

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Birthday Wallpaper preview with pixel style

One of the most charming FFXIV The wallpapers feature the main NPCs in the game, ranging from Scions to Great Company Leaders and even the first three Primals the Warrior of Light fought: the Final fantasy summons Ifrit, Titan and Garuda. Everyone is styled with pixel art and framed with a blue background edged in white as they participate in pixelated drinks. There are several wallpapers featuring this old-fashioned pixel art, dating back to the early days of the Final Fantasy series.

Official FFXIV Wallpapers: Binding Coil Of Bahamut

Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Coil Of Bahamut Fan Kit

A kingdom rebornpatch 2.2 brought FFXIV‘s Second Coil of Bahamut in addition to introducing the Primal Leviathan. There are many wallpapers featuring Bahamut, but the ones featuring the interior of Dalamud are striking. One has blue and orange colors, with a summoner featuring Ifrit-Egi alongside a bard, a dark mage, and other members of their raid party. The light of Bahamut is so bright that they become contrasting silhouettes.

Official FFXIV Wallpapers: Word of Mother Minfilia & Hydaelyn

Final Fantasy XIV Patch Heavensward Gears of Change Fan Kit with Hydaelyn Taking Minfilia

the FFXIV: To the sky The expansion added Astrologian and Dark Knight, and there are several wallpapers showing the work. Toward the sky has also created playable characters Au Ra, and its corresponding Fan Kit tab contains some of the early illustrations of the race, in addition to illustrations with many dragons and dragons. The gears of change was FFXIV‘s post-Toward the sky Patch 3.2 and its story events set the stage for the first shard and Shadowbringer. His patch artwork is one of the most gorgeous official artwork.

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When the Sultana of Ul’dah was presumed murdered and the Scions fled the city, Minfilia was swept away by the Flow spell of Y’shtola to meet Hydaelyn in the Ethereal Sea. At this point, Minfilia has essentially given her whole being to Final Fantasy XIV‘s Hydaelyn to become the Word of the Mother. The art featured on the wallpapers is gorgeous and soulful, with Minfilia bound and crystallizing in pale blue as she joins in with Hydaelyn. The colors are pale and pleasing and wouldn’t be too distracting for a background, as long as the user doesn’t start mourning the loss of Minfilia.

FFXIV wallpapers for desktop and smartphone: Rainbow Au Ra Monk & Coeurl

Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood Countdown Fan Kit with Au Ra Monk and Coeurl

EndwalkerThe countdown artwork series was not the first Final Fantasy XIV did. Each expansion pack contains several unique images from a variety of different artists and styles, and their unique takes are all worth watching. One Stormblood The countdown image, number 15, features an Au Ra monk alongside a Coeurl and Coeurl kitten.

She sits on a pile of adventurer loot and shows it Final Fantasy XIV Soul crystal of the monk Job. This wallpaper is particularly colorful and vibrant, and as a background would make a nice encouraging energetic boost. Alternatively, a cycling wallpaper could feature a slideshow of all the countdown images, rather than just one. There are also a few wallpapers that feature the expansion’s new Jobs, Samurai and Red Mage.

Wallpapers for smartphone and desktop Final Fantasy XIV: mysterious Crystal Exarch

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers Reflections Fan Kit in Crystal Patch Artwork with Exarch

All FFXIV: Shadowbringers’ the wallpapers are a bit more muted in color compared to the previous extensions, but that doesn’t make them any less attractive. Fans of YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse, the NieR: Automata crossover raid, can choose wallpaper which features 2P. The Reflections in Crystal patch artwork features the Crystal Exarch in shadow, holding a shining crystal. The artwork has excellent detail and deep shadows, and the wallpaper has a nice empty space for desktop or app icons.

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FFXIV: Endwalker released on December 7th and just added his countdown artwork to the Fan Kit. These also have a good amount of neutral space to organize the icons, if clutter is an issue. Before this addition, there were only two under the Endwalker tab, but there are now 21 wallpapers in its single section.

Official Final Fantasy XIV: The Adventure Never Ends Wallpapers

Final Fantasy XIV Fan Kit Endwalker Paladin Illustration

Each countdown illustration corresponds to a different job class, so there is one for each player. One of the main illustrations used for advertising Endwalker makes one of the most beautiful wallpapers available: a Viera Paladin looks up and shields its face, looking nostalgic in the light, with the words “the journey never ends.” The colors reflect a blue sky and their armor is highly detailed.

The fan kit for Endwalker from Final Fantasy XIV expansion has tons of great assets to choose from for decorating social media devices or profiles. There are easily over a hundred wallpapers, and they are downloadable in a variety of resolutions for your convenience. Whenever the Fan Kit is updated, it is mentioned on Updates on the Lodestone homepage. If a Final Fantasy XIV player hasn’t used Lodestone much before, they may consider checking back occasionally for other great wallpaper options.

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