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Sporting a shirt that read “Your Brain Matters,” Lauren Slack, a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur and music enthusiast, gears up for her second year of participating in the Pedal 4 Possible bike event to benefit the people and places that love her. helped the most after a life-changing car accident.

Slack, a 29-year-old Broomfield resident, suffered severe head trauma in January 2018 while driving on US 287 south of Longmont. His car skidded on ice and was hit by a truck. She spent the next 10 months in hospital, six of which were at Craig Hospital in Englewood.

“I can’t say enough good things about Craig’s team. They are amazing,” Slack said.

In the past four and a half years since the accident, Slack has made exponential progress in its recovery. His mother, Cindy, said it was a step-by-step process, relearning and retraining her body to speak and move again through surgeries and intense physical therapy in Craig.

Lauren Slack, survivor of severe brain injury, plays Bananagrams, one of her favorite word games. (Sydney McDonald/Editor)

Now walking, running, riding his adaptive recumbent trike, snowboarding and spending much of his time volunteering as a mentor for other TBI survivors in Craig, Slack said it fills his heart with joy of being able to do the same things she used to do. , even if they look a bit different.

“I want to show people that it’s possible to live a rewarding and fulfilling life even after a devastating injury like mine,” Slack said. “I just try to push myself to show people that.”

Slack said Craig continues to help her on her healing journey with things like paying for the bike she uses to ride in events like Pedal 4 Possible, which is slated for September 17 at Pearl Izumi’s headquarters in Louisville. Last year, Slack decided it felt ready to take on the bike event and assembled a team of around 20 people for the ride.

“We ended up being the top fundraising team with around $17,000 just for our team,” Slack said.

Last year, the Slack team fought for the top spot against the Craig Foundation team, she said.

“We were neck and neck with them until the end, but we finally took the lead,” laughed Slack. “But the important thing is that together our teams have raised over $32,000.”

In total, the event brought in about $250,000 for Craig, which helps pay for treatments and therapies that insurance doesn’t cover.

As a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, Lauren Slack has found a tea kettle that allows her to use it safely without risking scalding herself with hot water.  (Sydney McDonald/Editor)
As a self-proclaimed tea connoisseur, Lauren Slack has found a tea kettle that allows her to use it safely without risking scalding herself with hot water. (Sydney McDonald/Editor)

Slack said it has about 20 people signed up to its team this year, veteran members and new faces.

“We are so proud of her and her efforts to help people who have helped her,” Cindy Slack said.

Slack’s father, Eric, said not knowing what his daughter’s recovery journey would be like was the scariest part, but having Craig’s people there to help them all along the journey made them grateful.

“One conversation we have a lot is what happens to people who aren’t around Craig or don’t have insurance, you know,” Eric Slack said. “We are just full of gratitude and so thankful that we were able to get Craig the care we received.”

If you’re interested in participating in the Pedal 4 Possible event, Slack said there are distances for all skill levels ranging from 10K to 100K. Last year Slack thought it would do a 10K last year and ended up doing the 30K instead. This year, she will participate in the 50K.

Slack shares much of his journey via his Instagram account @slackinthebox16, and you can find a link to his Pedal 4 Possible page there if you’d like to donate or participate.

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