Take the plunge and try an aqua aerobics class


Water aerobics is a fun way for aging adults to stay active and fit. It’s also easier on your joints than a traditional gym workout, and can even relieve stubborn arthritis pain. If you’ve been thinking about taking a class but hesitated to take the plunge, then dive into this guide to learn more about water aerobics and the benefits of exercising in the pool.

What is aquagym?

Aerobic exercise is any type of exercise that makes your heart beat faster – it is also known as cardio exercise. Traditional aerobics like running, biking, or skipping can take a toll on the joints and can be difficult if you have arthritis or other physical limitations.

Water aerobics, however, consists of low impact exercises that you do in the shallow end of a swimming pool. They offer cardiovascular benefits – your heart will pump – but in a weightless aquatic environment.

What can you expect in a classroom?

Classes are usually held in groups in a public indoor or outdoor swimming pool. Sessions typically last 45 minutes to an hour. The instructor will lead the group through a warm-up, followed by cardio and strength training exercises, then finish with a short cool-down.

Different classes adapt to different skill levels. If you are a beginner, sign up for a beginner session. As you progress, you can move up through the ranks to gain advanced skills.

Keep in mind that you will not be swimming during the lesson. You learn special swims and swimming techniques while swimming. For water aerobics you will do a series of movements / exercises in the shallow end of the pool, probably set to music while you follow your instructor.

What to wear

You will need a swimsuit to do water aerobics. A one-piece swimsuit is generally a good style because it allows for more flexibility while you are exercising. You will also need a swimming cap and a good pair of water shoes that will protect your feet from the rough surface of the bottom of the pool. They will also provide more grip both in and out of the pool. You can also bring towels and a swimsuit to avoid the chills when you get out of the water.

Benefits of water aerobics

Doing water aerobics has multiple health benefits. Exercising in water can strengthen your muscles and joints without stressing them. Plus, the water supports you as you move, allowing you to have a greater range of motion. You’ll increase your heart rate – and you may even continue to sweat – but the water will keep you cool and comfortable as you work out.

Better yet, if you are suffering from joint pain such as arthritis, you can get some relief by moving around in the water. Any cardio helps improve heart health. It also burns calories and can help you lose weight. And, if you generally lead a more sedentary lifestyle, water aerobics is a fun and easy way to get moving.

Types of aquatic exercises

The types of exercises will vary depending on the skill level of the class and your instructor’s schedule. Common aqua aerobics includes aquajogging or walking, in which you jog or walk in the water from one side of the pool to the other. Other popular exercises include kicking – kicking the legs quickly while standing on a plank or by the pool – leg lifts, water pushups, arm curls, etc. .

Where to find aquagym lessons

Doing an online search for “aqua aerobics lessons near me” will probably give you a few options. Contacting your local YMCA center is a good place to start. Also check local fitness centers that have a pool, the nearest high school, physical therapy centers, sports clubs, or community centers. Once you’ve found a class location, be sure to read the class and instructor details to determine if the class is the right skill level for you.

Overall, doing aerobics in the water will strengthen your muscles, increase your endurance, and provide a great, low-impact workout that won’t strain your joints and help you stay healthy at any age.

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