Supplementary Loan: Program 167

You want to modernize your heating system to improve the energy efficiency of your home or apartment? We will show you how you can apply for a grant with the help of the KfW supplementary loan.

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Supplementary Loan?

The promotional program KfW 167 – Ergänzungskredit is offered by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). It consists of a loan of up to 50,000 euros, with which real estate owners can finance the installation of a modern heating system. The prerequisite is that the new plant works on the basis of renewable energies. This has positive effects: Modern systems consume less, so the operating costs decrease. At the same time they save the environment through the lower consumption. But such a new heating system is not cheap. KfW 167 makes purchasing and financing much easier.

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KfW 167 at a glance

KfW 167 at a glance


Type of promotion credit
purpose Installation of a heating system based on renewable energies
Loan annuity
interest From 1.36% eff. APR
Possible sums Up to max. € 50,000 per unit
Possible fixed interest rates ten years
maturities 4 to 10 years
Redemption-free start-up years Up to 2 years, depending on the chosen duration
unscheduled Only total amount can be redeemed for prepayment penalty
Securing the loan The nature and amount of the hedge are agreed with the sending bank
How to apply Is applied for through a passing bank (eg house bank)


Table on KfW program 167, all information without guarantee


Advantages and disadvantages of KfW 167

Advantages and disadvantages of KfW 167



  • Often better interest rates than normal installment loans
  • Redemption-free start-up years (usually not normal for normal installment loans)
  • Consistent monthly installments with fixed interest rates


  • Only one fixed interest rate can be selected (10 years)
  • No free special redemptions possible
  • 4 months after the commitment, a commitment commission of 0.25% per month will be incurred on the unclaimed loan amount

Eligible measures 



The promotional program KfW 167 – Renewable Energies – Supplementary Credit pursues a very specific purpose: with a low-interest loan, you will be supported in replacing your outdated heating system with a new, modern heating system based on renewable energies. You have the choice between different heating systems. The catalog of possible measures is extensive; we show you the most important examples here.

What is promoted

  • With KfW 167, a new heating or cooling system can be installed or an existing system can be supported by modernization measures
  • Examples of individual measures:
    • Heating systems that use renewable energy, in combination with fossil fuels
    • Heat pumps (nominal heat output up to 100 kW)
    • Biomass plants, eg pellet heating systems, woodchip heating systems (nominal heat output 5-100kW)
    • Thermal solar collector systems up to 40 sqm gross collector area
  • Purchase of already renovated living space with new heating system

What is not encouraged

  • The refurbishment of holiday real estate
  • The rescheduling or replacement of other loans
  • KfW 167 can not be used as follow-up financing


Possible types of credit 

Possible types of credit with KfW 167


The KfW Supplementary Loan 167 is awarded exclusively as an annuity loan. For normal annuity loans, the monthly installment is always the same until the end of the fixed interest period, and the residual debt is therefore continuously repaid from the beginning. KfW’s annuity loans are a bit different: The KfW 167 loan starts with one or two grace-free start-up years. During this period, the monthly repayment rate only serves to pay interest, it is not yet repaid. Thus, the monthly rate at KfW 167 is lower at the beginning, which means that you will be financially relieved in the beginning. At the end of this phase, the monthly repayment is added, so the monthly installment increases, but then remains the same until the lapse of 10 years.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I apply for a KfW loan?
  • Can I also make a special repayment on a loan from KfW?
  • When can I replace my KfW loan?
  • Can I repost my KfW loan?

All FAQs about KfW loans

The term of the loan is four to 10 years. If you choose less than 10 years maturity, you still have a ten-year fixed interest rate. At the end of the term, KfW will then offer you a prolongation offer to extend the loan. The loan can be called up within twelve months after approval. An extension of this period to 36 months is possible in principle. After four months and two banking days from the date of the commitment, a provision commission is due. This amounts monthly to 0.25 percent of the not yet called sum. Special unscheduled repayments are not provided for at KfW 167. However, you have the option of repaying the total amount at any time for a prepayment penalty .

Bauzinsen Calculator: Calculate your mortgage here! loan amount Please indicate here which loan amount you need for the purchase, the new building or the follow-up financing. In the case of follow-up financing, this value corresponds to the amount of your remaining debt, which must be further financed. 190000 50,000 to 100,000 Nominal interest rate fixation in years Please choose how long your debit interest payment should last. This determines the period for which you want to set the offered interest rate or follow-up financing interest. 5 8th 10 12 15 20 25 30 Calculate personal interest and rate

Possible combinations with other funding programs


KfW 167 can be combined with other KfW loans and subsidies. This gives you the opportunity to record higher sums for several modernization measures at the same time. For example, the following combinations are conceivable:

  • KfW Program 151 – Energy-efficient refurbishment (credit for further, energy- efficient refurbishment
  • KfW Program 430 – Energy-efficient renovation – Investment subsidy (subsidy for further, energy- efficient renovations)
  • KfW Program 159 – Age- appropriate conversion (loan for the age-appropriate conversion of the property)

In addition, it is also possible to combine the loan from KfW 167 with a grant from the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). For example, the market incentive program “Promotion of Measures for the Use of Renewable Energies in the Heat Market” could be considered for this purpose. The important thing is that the funding from both programs does not exceed the initial cost of the new heating.

How to apply for the supplementary loan


How to apply for the supplementary loan


Unfortunately, you can not apply for the KfW loan 167 directly from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau. Instead, contact a bank that cooperates with KfW. This can be your house bank, for example, because most well-known institutes work together with KfW in this country. The specialists for mortgage lending by Dr. med. Klein can fill out and forward your application with you, but only if you purchase and finance the building for which the heating system is intended at the same time. Below we will show you how the application process for KfW 167 works.

  1. Select heating mode

    In the first step you have to decide on a new type of heating. Our tip: consult an energy efficiency expert. He advises you holistically in choosing the right system. He not only looks at the old heating, but also assesses the entire property with regard to its energy efficiency. He also gives you valuable information on which type of heating system can effectively increase energy efficiency. You can find eligible experts at .

  2. Apply for funding

    Let your bank give you detailed advice, especially regarding the possible combinations with other KfW programs. You may also have other grants available. Together with your advisor you then submit the application to KfW.

  3. Apply for BAFA grant

    The loan from KfW 167 does not completely cover the new heating system? Then you can still get the grant from the BAFA “incentive program for energy efficiency”. You submit the application directly to BAFA, where you will also receive all the necessary application forms.

  4. Have heating system installed

    Always wait for the funding commitment for KfW 167 before commissioning the trades to install a new heater. Only then is the financing secured. At this moment you can start.

  5. Get credit and pay off

    After the funding commitment by KfW, you can call up the loan amount. For this you have 12 months after the commitment. If you have not abegrufen the amount in four months, falling commitment interest on the unclaimed remaining debt in the amount of 0.25% per month. The call of the loan is possible in whole or in part totals. The installation of the heating system will probably be charged to you as a whole, so it is advisable to call the credit all at once. You then pay the bill, and then the repayment of the loan starts in monthly installments.

Purchase of refurbished living space with supplementary loan


Purchase of refurbished living space with supplementary loan


The program KfW 167 is often used to equip an existing property with a modern heating system. With the supplementary loan, you can also buy already renovated living space. In this case, you simply combine your mortgage with KfW 167 and thus receive up to 50,000 euros extra loan at low interest rates for the renovated living room. For this, the new, energy-efficient heating system must be shown separately in the purchase contract. Let our mortgage specialists explain what steps are needed.

Mortgage lending with KfW – a good combination


Our on-site consultants specialize in optimally combining KfW’s promotional programs for the purchase of a property with the main loan. They are happy to answer all your questions. Get in touch with us by requesting current financing proposals.

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