Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder offers hidden bike security from Muc-Off

Building on the launch of its secure tag holder earlier this year, Muc-Off’s product team has designed a unique version that allows an Apple AirTag to be stored inside the tire and rim of a tubeless compatible mountain or gravel bike.

According to the company, the new Stealth Tubeless label holder makes… ‘the ultimate secret tracking solution, completely hidden from bike thieves.’

Designed for use with an Apple AirTag (not included), which is housed in a protective silicone and rubber 3-piece tubeless valve holder and supplied with a range of tubeless valve bases, users can ensure that a tight seal is obtained against the rim when installed inside a tubeless tire.

A sacrificial shank that compresses and rebounds under extreme loads is also integrated to protect the rim and AirTag from hard impacts. Although the bracket is shock absorbing, Muc-Off notes that it is secured to the valve with a durable stem bracket that allows sealant and air to flow through the valve as normal and will not vibrate at the inside of the rim and tire.

The Apple AirTag itself works by allowing users to track anything from their phone, using the Find My app. Once activated, anything the beacon is connected to appears on the radar in the app, so tracking the bike can be as easy as looking on a map.

“Technologies like the Apple Airtag can be a great defense against would-be bike thieves,” said Muc-Off CEO Alex Trimnell.

“This is what led us to develop our label holders; we wanted to provide riders with secure, burglar-proof ways to attach the tracker to their bike. The newest offering – the Stealth Tubeless Label Holder – is a completely unique undercover solution unlike anything we’ve seen on the market so far.

“We will continue to embrace emerging technologies to enhance the experience of every rider, while continuing our exciting program of innovation in the future.”

The Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder and Secure Tag Holder follows Muc-Off’s recent launch of its bike insurance product, powered by NextGen. Benefits here include a multi-bike discount, free upgrade coverage, and no increase in renewal prices.

The Stealth Tubeless Label Holder is being sold through the Muc-Off distribution network and on for £14.99 / €19.99 / US$19.99 and as part of a kit which includes a set of black Muc-Off 44mm Tubeless valves for £34.99 / €42.99 / US$44.99.

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