Skarper releases stylish retrofit e-bike motor

The concept of retrofit electric motors for bicycles is not new, but the upcoming launch Skarper is elegant and innovative on the idea.

An easily detachable unit houses both the motor and the battery which drives the rear wheel via a special rear disc brake, which allows direct connection of a Skarper motor drive unit whenever desired. When not electrically driven, the disc normally behaves like a brake.

Most of the conversion kits available currently weigh between 10 and 15 kg and require a toolbox and some electronic and mechanical skills to install them, but according to its manufacturers, Skarper provides an ultra-lightweight clip-on drive system that avoids the many limitations of existing e. -Bicycle drive systems. Weighing a total of 3.3 kg, the unit offers an estimated range of up to 20 km on a 30-minute charge. Skarper said prices start at £1,000.

Electric bikes: a growing market

The price, range and convenience of e-bikes make them the most viable option for those seeking the benefits of a battery-powered vehicle today, so it’s perhaps no surprise that the market is already worth billions a year and expects to grow. And yet, e-bike sales in Britain are lagging behind our European neighbours.

Over the past few decades here in Britain we’ve neglected the bikes best suited to ‘utility cycling’ in favor of beautifully styled racing and off-road designs – even riders who could benefit from the thrust occasional use of an electric motor are likely to be reluctant to trade in their sleek hybrid, road or mountain bike for a heavier, bulkier electric model. A well-designed lightweight occasional electric motor like the Skarper may find a ready market.

E-bikes make long trips easier

Although there’s no word on a launch date yet, you can join Skarper’s mailing list here

The ethical choice

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