Scottish biker ‘must pay for train’ after thieves take nick bike in Edinburgh


A Scottish biker has been gutted after cheeky thieves stole his beloved motorbike in broad daylight outside his job in Edinburgh.

Sean Johnstone was forced to pay for a train fair to travel to Fife after his £ 7,000 bicycle was stolen.

The 27-year-old said it took the thief “a matter of seconds” to steal the Yamaha MT-07 bike from a parking lot outside Keyprint Security in Assembly Street, Leith, Edinburgh on Thursday in 11:39 a.m.

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The Daily recording reports that CCTV footage shows the culprit – who appears to be wearing gray clothes and a helmet – riding the bike and running around the corner, while another person can be seen walking past in the background.

Mr Johnstone, who makes locks for a living, said he was particularly ravaged by theft as he only bought the 700cc motorcycle last November and used it to commute to work since his home in Rosyth.

He told the Record: “I guess there was more than one person involved, and when they got on the bike they had a helmet on and knew exactly what they were doing. Maybe they took it and put it in a van.

Sean’s beloved motorcycle.

“It was around 5pm when I got out of work and there was no bike, I thought a coworker was funny moving him on the road but then I went in and I checked the CCTV and we saw them and then I knew for sure it was stolen.

“I just think it’s terrible. People work hard for things and then they lose it. One minute they have something that they love and worked hard to take care of, and someone comes and takes it. It’s like an arrow to the heart.

“It would mean everything to me to get it back. I wouldn’t have to deal with the policy or make an insurance claim.

“I was supposed to go to work by train on Friday and I take Monday off to call insurance and hope to have a courtesy bike. Otherwise, I’ll take the train or the bus.”

Mr Johnstone monitors the sale of his bike on sites such as eBay and Gumtree and has been contacted by people on social media since sharing his call, including a member of a motorcycle club whose members actively search for stolen bikes.

He himself went in search of the stolen motorcycle on Friday after being told of an area where a number of thieves could be operating.

A Scottish Police spokesperson said: “Police are investigating the theft of a motorbike which was taken in the Assembly Street area of ​​Leith on Thursday 30 September, between 9 am and 5 pm.

“Investigations are continuing.”

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