Scientists working on anti-Covid drugs using garlic essential oil


The Center for Innovative and Applied Bioprocesses of the Department of Biotechnology (DBT-CIAB) of Mohali has planned a bouquet of research projects aimed at generating products that could be used for the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of deadly Covid infection -19 which is currently sweeping the whole world.

The plan was designed to use the expertise of its scientists, who come from a variety of research backgrounds including chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, molecular biology, nutrition and nanotechnology.

As part of the preventive platform, the Institute has planned to work on noble metal nanocomplexes derived from lignin to develop antiviral coating materials, and citronella oil enriched with rose oxide, carbopol and alcoholic disinfectant formulated with triethanolamine.

As part of the therapeutic platform, efforts will be focused on polypyrrollic photosensitizers and their nanoformulations for antiviral photodynamic therapy, microbial production of immunomodulatory and antiviral fructan biomolecules, and the development and commercial manufacture of a kit of nasal spray to relieve chest congestion experienced during corona infection etc.

As part of the Drug Discovery Platform, research will in turn explore the separation of therapeutic and valuable medicinal components from the skin and seeds of fruits and the use of natural garlic essential oil as an inhibitor. ACE 2 protein to prevent SARS-CoV-2 invasion.

In addition, studies should be conducted for the development of lignin-derived nanocarriers (LNCs) with potential for the delivery of antiviral drugs and the use of curcumin-enriched whey protein powder as a nutraceutical.

The researchers would strive to offer biocompatible, inexpensive and scalable products and have set a deadline of six months to a year. The studies would be carried out in collaboration with the chemical industries and other government laboratories with the BSL-3 facility.

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