Salida City Council Considers Funding for BETCH, Salida Crossings, “Open House” RV Rental Leases – By Ark Valley Voice Staff

Salida City Council will meet in regular session at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 and the full brief is here, with highlights listed below.

Image courtesy of City of Salida.

The Consent Program includes many special events around the annual FIBArk Festival as well as summer dates for the Brewer’s Rendezvous, 4th of July and others.

Also included is a proposed approval for the purchase of an outdoor performing arts stage for the F Street Plaza, as discussed at the June 6 business session.

Another ground lease for an aircraft hangar at Harriet Alexander Field completes the consent items.

Two proclamations follow, designating Alzheimer’s Disease and Brain Awareness Month and Colorado Bike to Work Month.

The new activity/action items include several topics. In particular among them:

Funding Application for BETCH’s Temporary Safe Outdoor Spaces (TSOS) Program

Helping Everyone Through the Housing Crisis (BETCH)

A request for funding for the Temporary Safe Outdoor Spaces (TSOS) Program/Overnight Parking Permit at Centennial Park is sought, following Resolution 2022-22 approved by City Council May 17 for Overnight Housing workforce at Centennial Park. The group Bringing Everyone Through The Criss of Housing (BETCH) has since refined its budget, seeking $27,405 to fund the program.

Given the involvement of its partner the Colorado Housing Authority (CHA) for “soft costs” to include salaries and administration, the immediate needs are for start-up costs. Staff propose to establish an account with $12,000 to be made available to the program, administered by the Ministry of Finance, which BETCH can draw upon as needed, upon presentation of receipts.

Should the additional daily revenue be less than anticipated to fund salaries, etc., for the remainder of the TSOS/Overnight Parking Permit Program season, the Board may consider additional funding for the account at a later date.

Extension of the timeline for the planned development of the Salida crossings

Salida Crossings subdivision at 1520 E. Highway 50, now owned by BV Investments. LLC. Photo by Merrell Bergin, April 7, 2022

This point follows the agenda of the Salida City Council on May 17 at the request of the promoters. Salida Crossings is being proposed as a 3-building, 122-unit mixed-use project approved through a planned development process. It allowed for additional building density and height in exchange for 30 affordable, deed-restricted units, larger setbacks, and street improvements. The much-delayed project is planned for a former car dealership site on the north side of Highway 291, west of Oak Street.

The applicant was unable to submit a building permit application for Building A by the April 15, 2022 deadline due to a change in ownership, funding, and COVID-19 challenges. This triggered the need to return to City Council for a review of the planned development in order to receive a further extension, per Salida City Code, Sec. 16-7-100(b).

Staff recommends that City Council approve the request for an extension on the following condition: Applicant must submit building permit applications for Building A no later than October 14, 2022. Such applications must be submitted substantially complete with all required fees. If applications and fees are not received by this date, the applicant will be required to return to City Council once again.

Resolution 2022-27 Salida RV Park Reservation and Master Lease Agreement for the “Open Doors” RV Rental Program

The Salida RV Resort site layout shows 158 RV sites on 20 acres with some along 1,600 feet of riverfront. Courtesy picture

City staff worked with owners of the soon-to-open Salida RV Resort to secure up to ten spaces to locate city-owned RV units. The Chaffee Housing Authority (CHA) will administer the program on behalf of the city, distributing applications, identifying tenants, collecting rent and deposits, etc.

This resolution sets out the Master Lease Agreement with Salida RV Resort, as well as the sublease agreements with potential local labor tenants and supporting documents.

As the primary tenant of the RV Resort spaces, the City will be responsible for paying the space rental and deposit; however, the rents and deposits charged for the units should cover the costs.

Details and purchase costs for the ten used recreational vehicles (which the city is purchasing for the project) are expected to be released at a later date. The city previously noted that the majority of funding will come from COVID-19, American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) funds.

The regular session of the council will end after hearing the reports of the members of the council, the mayor, the treasurer, the lawyer and the staff.

To register to listen to and participate in the regular meeting of the municipal council, click on Go to the meeting.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the webinar. To simply watch the meeting “LIVE”, click on the City’s broadcast channel.

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