Pastimes for fans and spectators on the roadside

If you watch cycling races live, as so many millions have just done from the sides of the roads of France as the Tour de France meandered through the French countryside, then you know there can be a lot of downtime when the peloton has passed and there are no more riders on the road. Either we wait to support those who are at the back, we wait for the return of the cyclists if it is a loop route, or we move to another point of the route to continue supporting. This article provides some simple ideas and hobbies that can be used for cycling fans watching the races live.

Listen to the race commentary

Grab a headset or speaker and listen to live race commentary. It will be important to have it set and turned on before cyclists join you and to continue listening to feedback after they have passed you. Remember that you may need to hire a translation service or find an international channel, depending on where you watch cycling. Having the commentary will give you a great overall perspective of the race and provide context for your support.

Visit an online casino

Once the action has passed you on the road, as long as you have an internet connection and a great online casino platform, you can be entertained until the next group of cyclists arrive or for the rest of the afternoon. There are now so many great online casinos and sites that will review and discuss the best Australian online casino selections. Find one that suits your needs and play card games or faster slots when there is downtime and there are no cyclists on the road to watch.

Be prepared to discuss the race with other spectators

Know your driving and cycling news and trending issues and stories. Keep reading these articles on websites like this and learn about the teams and individual riders in the races you will be watching. It’s information like this that true fans love to share and discuss. So just be social with the other spectators on the road with you and share that knowledge of riding and cycling. You’ll be sure to have many interesting conversations and maybe even a few fights about the sport you so obviously love.

This article has tried to provide new and veteran cycling fans with clear tips and suggestions to make the cycling you watch as fun and exciting as possible. Only hardcore fans will travel to the remote mountain road races and while understanding the possible downtime at each stage, before and after the riders pass, having a few options to keep you entertained will be a great idea and is an integral part of supporting road cycling.

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