Paraguay begins construction of Costanera Sur de Asunción


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This is a machine translation of the original press release published in Spanish

It’s not just papers anymore, construction of the Costanera Sur is underway as part of the Asunción Coastal Strip project, leaving behind broken promises and shattered dreams of thousands of riverside families in search of a more life. worthy.

This Wednesday, July 7 will go down in history as the start date for the construction of this emblematic structure, which will transform the country’s capital due to its strong social, environmental and urban component.

The Minister of Public Works Arnoldo Wiens, as well as other authorities such as the mayor of Asunción Óscar Rodríguez, the deputy Hugo Ibarra, representatives of the Consorcio del Sur and Father Pedro Velazco, symbol of Bañado Sur, participated this morning in the Itá Enramada district of an act to officially start the works.

On this occasion, Wiens highlighted the solutions that the Costanera Sur will provide for mobility in the capital and its connection with the Costanera Norte, in addition to the Botanical Road Corridor, which will soon be concluded.

He said the works will bring roots to the people of Bañado Sur, who for years have struggled with the aftermath of the floods. In addition, he explained that he will provide employment opportunities to the community and thanked the social and environmental work that has been carried out in the area of ​​influence. “From this work opens a door of hope,” he said.

For his part, Mayor Rodríguez stressed that the works will provide multiple sources of work and will also be a solution not only for traffic, but also to reconcile the city with its river, to which it will no longer turn its back. He thanked the leadership of Father Velazco in Bañado Sur and the joint effort of the institutions that will offer a new opportunity to its inhabitants.

Representing the community of Bahia, Father Pedro Velazco thanked the construction initiative, as it will benefit the populations living on the banks of the Paraguay River. “We see this job as a job we have to get involved in. It’s a dream come true, ”he said.


The Asunción coastal strip project will promote the coastal development of the capital, incorporating prevention and mitigation measures against the possible effects of climate change.

The last section of the avenue, which will take approximately 7.5 km, is completed by the Costanera Sur project, which will become a fast lane for 15,000 motorists who circulate in the districts of Itá Enramada and Santa Librada de Asunción, as well as the residents of Lambaré and finally San Antonio and Villa Elisa.

Improvements that the Costanera Sur will make include the reclamation of the channels of the Mburica and Salamanca streams, which today form part of an upstream waste corridor.

As part of the project, which will be developed under the terms of Law n ° 5074/13, better known under the name of “Turnkey”, the hydrological and environmental management of the Yrupé lagoon is envisaged, taking into account the current and future scenario (with the South Costanera implanted), opting for the construction of the drainage channel to the south of the landfill, which will have two composite sections, with a channel for low water that allows to maintain reasonable speeds to minimize the removal of sediment in the canal.

It will also have large urban spaces for the enjoyment of the public that will include a cycle path along the entire stretch, parking lots, inclusive accesses, signs and vertical and horizontal signs.

This commitment was awarded to the Southern Consortium (CDS), made up of the Spanish company EuroFinsa SA and the Paraguayan Ingeniería de Topografía y Caminos SA (TyC). The duration of the contract includes 6 months for the final technical design and 36 months for the execution from the launch order.

The investment is 129,960,310 USD and the financing system is under the regime of Law No. 1302/1998, which fixes the special and additional terms and conditions of public works established by Law No. 1045/1983 and its amendment to law n ° 5074/13.

Finally, it should be noted that all this is possible thanks to an inter-institutional work carried out between the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the Municipality of Asunción (MCA), the Ministry of Town Planning, Housing and Housing ( MUVH), the Permanent Assembly Unidos por la Franja / Centro de Ayuda Mutua Salud para Todos (APUF-CAMSAT) and Social Pastoral.

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