Olympian Kwesi Browne Cops Award for Community Service in Arima



Olympic cyclist Kwesi Browne, left, with his National Youth Award for Community Sport (18-35). – Ministry of Youth and National Service

OLYMPIC cyclist Kwesi Browne received the award from the Ministry of Youth Development and the National Service for Community Sport (18-35 years old) at the recent National Youth Awards ceremony.

Browne, who made his Olympic debut at the Tokyo Games, took home the award for his cheeky ninth place in men’s keirin at the Summer Games. He also set the 30th fastest time in the men’s 200m flying event.

The distinction was also given to the cyclist for his contributions to Arima and its surroundings. He was one of 36 individuals and youth clubs recognized for their service in a variety of categories.

Browne was nominated by the Guanapo Police Youth Club and was surprised when he won the award as he didn’t know the club vouched for him.

“It was a bit of a surprise to me, but I’m grateful for the appointment of the Police Youth Club. It is (an award) not only for athletic performance, but also for the work done within the community, ”he said.

The 27-year-old has been active in several community mentoring programs and other youth development initiatives.

Browne has now resumed training at the National Cycling Center after his eventful Olympic campaign.

He is not expected to take part in any upcoming major tournaments and is expected to return to the competitive circuit when the season reopens in April 2022.

“I had a few weeks off after the Olympics just to get a grip on myself and recuperate. I am now getting back to the heart of the matter with training. I was happy with my performance at the Olympics. I know Nicholas Paul and I didn’t win a medal, but I think we did our best, ”he added.

The National Youth Awards identify and celebrate young people between the ages of 10 and 35 who strive for excellence and contribute to national development. This year’s ceremony was hosted by Kris Kennedy and Jynnyn Edwards.

National Youth Awards 2021 Winners

Agriculture (10-17) – Nki McKenzie

Agriculture (18 – 35) – Dasia Edwards

Entrepreneurship (10-17) – Jole John

Entrepreneurship (18 – 35 years old) – Hannah Daniel

Health and well-being -Gabriella Mollineau

Communication and Media – Stephon Felmine

Arts and Culture (10-17) – Naomi Joseph

Arts and Culture (18-35) – Zakiya Gill

School sports (10-17) – Chelsea Winter

School sports (18-35) – Leah Massiah

Community Sports (10-17) – Karishma Boodoo

Community Sports (18-35) – Kwesi Browne

Young innovator – Jahlin Stephen

Activism / Youth Service (10-17) – Ronia Swan

Youth Activism / Service (18 – 35) – Ancilla Ashley Kirby

Education (10-17) – Ronia Swan

Education (18 – 35) – Abeni Taylor

Student Youth Leadership Award (10-17) – Christian Daniel

Youth Leadership Student Award (18-35) – Kobe Sandy

Personal Triumph (10-17) – Drew Quashie

Personal Triumph (18 – 35) –Birtney Ramnarine

Youth Leadership: Community Groups – Maya Kirti Nanan

Science and Technology (10-17) – Drew Quashie

Science and Technology (18-35) – Ryan Assiu

Positive Youth Message Through Music – Kyle Gomes

Full Movie On The Positive Youth Message (10-17) – Ronia Swan

Full movie about the positive message of young people (18-35 years) – Sudarshan Motilal

Most Dedicated Youth Mentor (for adults over 35) Male – Kevin Greenidge

Most Dedicated Young Mentor (For Adults Over 35) Female – Carlene Donald

Positive Influencer for Youth Development (10-17 years) – Ronia Swan

Positive Youth Development Influencer (18-35) – Shenell Felix

Most Outstanding Youth Group – Nariva Mayaro District Youth Council

Most Effective Community Youth Program / Project – Abyssinia-Journey of Change

Most effective school program / project for young people – Roxborough Police Youth Club

Most Improved Youth Group – I Believe in Success Foundation

Corporate Sponsor Award – Jesse Ramcharan – GPC TT

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