Off-road bikers run red lights and drive at ‘dangerous’ speeds during a meeting in Wolverhampton

Police have arrested a 17-year-old on suspicion of dangerous driving after disrupting an organized meeting of around 40 off-road bikers in Wolverhampton today (Sunday April 10). The teenager allegedly wrote off a bicycle, which had been stolen in the city the previous month, crashing into a car.

He was not injured and was taken into custody where he remains suspected of dangerous driving, motor vehicle theft, refusing to stop and driving under the influence of narcotics. West Midlands Police said the other biker escaped and efforts were underway to find him.

Officers said two bikes also failed to stop for officers at the meeting, at Wolverhampton Science Park this morning. They fled “dangerously at excessive speeds, through red lights, off-roading and overtaking other motorists”, according to the police.

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The bikes were followed by the police helicopter to Elston Hall Lane where we deployed a dart to slow them to a stop.

A statement released by West Midlands Police said: “Around 30-40 bikes have been spotted and a number of cyclists and their bikes have been sprayed with DNA spray which marks everyone’s bikes, clothes and skin. cyclists and passengers with a unique but invisible coloring code.

“If suspects are arrested or bikes recovered, the DNA code will link the offenders to the bikes and any associated criminal offences. A number of bikes were suspected of being stolen and one was seized for being driven without insurance .”

The force added: “We know how disruptive anti-social cycling can be and as the weather improves, plus a two week break for school holidays, we will be on the lookout for bikes who are conducted illegally and antisocially.”

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