NOTICE: Bills signed by Governor Edwards

Today Governor John Bel Edwards announced that he has signed the following bills into law beginning with the 2022 legislative session.

ACT 282—SB 3 Provides for the distribution of monies collected from Coastal Use Permit enforcement actions.

LAW 284—SB 87 Provides in relation to the down payment process.

LAW 285—SB 103 Malpractice Benefits.

LAW 286—SB 258 Arrangements for voting and the holding of compromised elections following a declared emergency or disaster.

LAW 287—SB 364 Provides for the regulatory power of the Louisiana Tax Commission.

LAW 288—HB 1080 Provides relative to broadband.

ACT 289—SB 7 Grants a permanent increase in benefits to pensioners and beneficiaries of the system.

LAW 290—SB 46 Provides group insurance benefits for certain court clerks.

LAW 291—SB 51 Adds a second commissioner to the Twenty-Second Judicial District Court and authorizes commissioners to preside over domestic violence cases and civil cases.

LAW 292—SB 83 Creates the Council on Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement.

LAW 293—SB 88 Provides insurance benefits for retirees of the St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office.

LAW 294—SB 93 Designates the Gulf Fritillary as the official state butterfly.

LAW 295—SB 101 Services relating to the traffic offenses office of certain municipal courts.

LAW 296—SB 106 Provides for disciplinary proceedings of a professional or occupation board or council.

LAW 297—SB 111 Repeals the provisions creating the establishment, location, purpose and use of the Tioga Heritage Park and Museum.

LAW 298—SB 121 Provides relating to the display of pharmacy permits.

LAW 299—SB 146 Provides health insurance coverage for cancer treatments.

LAW 300—SB 157 Provides access to criminal records and identification files by the Technology Services Office.

LAW 301—SB 159 Provides insurance benefits for retirees of the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office.

LAW 302—SB 176 Amends the Right to Literacy and Education for Blind Persons Act.

LAW 303—SB 193 Provides for school board redistricting plans.

LAW 304—SB 197 Allows members of the District Groundwater Commission appointed by certain entities that supply water for rural or municipal use to be employees of those entities.

LAW 305—SB 201 Adds contract attorneys from district public defender’s offices to the group health insurance coverage offered by parish governments.

LAW 306—SB 215 Provides for the assessment of attorneys’ fees when certain municipal public service fire and police boards overturn a decision of an appointing authority.

LAW 307—SB 250 Provisions relating to the compensation of intercollegiate athletes for the use of their name, image or likeness.

LAW 308—SB 261 Provides transfer pathways to public post-secondary education.

LAW 309—SB 268 Provides opioid treatment programs for pregnant women.

LAW 310—SB 285 Makes technical changes to update cross-references to gaming laws and authorizes the Louisiana Gaming Control Board to hold open meetings via videoconference

LAW 311—SB 318 Offers relating to the advertising, promotion and production of certain live musical performances.

LAW 312—SB 324 Provides against qualifications for licensure by the Louisiana State Board of Dentistry.

LAW 313—SB 328 Provides against Louisiana State Board of Optometry Examiners.

LAW 314—SB 398 Provides relative to juror pay rates.

LAW 315—SB 407 Requires schools to stock epinephrine in classrooms for certain students.

LAW 316—SB 442 Services relating to certain third-party sellers on the online marketplace.

LAW 317—SB 485 Services relating to the Delachaise Safety and Improvement District.

LAW 318—SB 486 Services relating to court clerks.

LAW 319—SB 493 Provides relative to some drainage districts.

ACT 320—HB 182 Provides versus third-party administrators.

ACT 321—HB 235 Provides in relation to the Jackson Parish Hospital Service District Board of Directors.

ACT 322—HB 237 Provides relative test administration by the State Examiner for certain positions within the City of Shreveport.

ACT 323—HB 244 Provides against the requirements of the public school calendar.

ACT 324—HB 245 Services relating to minors placed in police custody in schools.

ACT 325—HB 263 Requires leaving procedures in place in public schools and school districts.

ACT 326—HB 266 Provides information related to the Louisiana Commission on HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis C Education, Prevention, and Treatment.

ACT 327—HB 270 Plans to name Kenner council on aging building in Kenner after Mable Trepagnier Brown.

ACT 328—HB 287 Requires that the annual professional license tax levied on certain computer programming companies be set at a flat rate.

LAW 329—HB 301 Provides a designation for a duplicate driver’s license.

ACT 330—HB 308 Provides in relation to the amount of the weekly unemployment compensation allowance.

ACT 331—HB 317 Provides deductibles for hurricanes, named storms, wind and hail.

ACT 332—HB 349 Provisions relating to the elimination of school bus operators.

ACT 333—HB 363 Provides against the student growth component in the evaluation of teachers and administrators.

ACT 334—HB 377 Provides relating to the fingerprinting of all persons arrested for any offense involving driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

ACT 335—HB 417 Allows awakening centers to maintain a supply of self-injectable epinephrine.

ACT 336—HB 469 Creates the Delta Bike Trail Commission.

ACT 337—HB 473 Provides for costs related to the production of public documents.

ACT 338—HB 509 Requires the state Department of Education to review laws relating to teacher education and submit a related report to the legislature.

ACT 339—HB 532 Provides health insurance coverage for fire department employees.

ACT 340—HB 572 Provides for the publicity of condemned property.

ACT 341—HB 582 Joined Louisiana in the Interstate Compact of Licensed Professional Counselors.

ACT 342—HB 587 Modifies the composition of the Lakeshore Management Authority.

ACT 343—HB 604 Provides for the transfer of ownership of a vehicle to an insurer.

ACT 344—HB 625 Provides information related to offsite locations of behavioral health service providers.

ACT 345—HB 630 Designates certain portions of highways in Iberia Parish and St. Martin Parish.

ACT 346—HB 647 Provides relative to Mid-City Security District in Orleans Parish.

ACT 347—HB 669 Provides background checks from private driving instructor training or training schools or agencies.

ACT 348—HB 679 Provides relating to certain declarations that must be produced by elected officials.

ACT 349—HB 732 Provides in relation to the Louis Armstrong Park Authority and the Orleans Parish Historic Jazz District.

ACT 350—HB 776 Designates part of Interstate 49 in Shreveport, Louisiana as “The Cooper Road Pioneers Memorial Interchange”.

ACT 351—HB 777 Ensures the secretariat of the municipal management of the public service of fire and police in certain municipalities.

ACT 352—HB 780 Tender relating to the historic preservation and economic development of downtown Houma.

ACT 353—HB 791 Provides against charter fishing with no credentials required.

ACT 354—HB 797 Provides relative to the New Orleans BioDistrict in the Parish of Orleans.

ACT 355—HB 818 Provides information about certain expedited hearing schedules.

ACT 356—HB 827 Provides information about screening children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

ACT 357—HB 828 Increases the gross annual sales threshold below which a low-risk home food preparer can benefit from the protections of the law known as the Artisan Food Act.

ACT 358—HB 832 Refers to Law 444 of the 2021 Regular Session as “Beau’s Law”.

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