New Forest Cycling in Burley suffers e-bike theft


A NEW Forest cycling shop has suffered losses of more than £ 35,000 after thieves stole 15 e-bikes.

New Forest Cycling, a bicycle rental, repair and retail store in The Cross, Burley, now faces huge business losses for the summer as a row of popular e-bikes were stolen from the overnight.

Staff discovered the theft last Tuesday morning, with thieves damaging the company van and a storage facility.

Assistant manager Matt Raybould told the Daily Echo: “We got to the store at a usual time around half past eight when we saw our van window had been smashed, before we went out and saw the signs for the door of our shed broken.

“We are obviously very angry, sad and confused as to why this happened. The question we immediately asked was: what are we going to do now? We can no longer order bikes due to a massive supply issue at this time. The resulting loss of income will not be good. ”

The Cube Reaction Hybrid Pros are worth around £ 2,400 each and are regularly rented during the summer periods, before being sold out later in the year.

Some bikes had previously been reserved for sale, but now due to the theft the bike shop has had to notify buyers that they will not receive their bikes.

New Forest Cycling is located in Burley

Mr. Raybould continued, “We hope our insurance can cover some of the losses, as these e-bikes are by far our most popular. Every day they are rented so we have a long wait before we can get new ones.

The Hybrid Pros were flown on their own without the necessary battery or key accessories. The keys are personalized, which means bikes cannot be used without them. Therefore, according to Mr. Raybould, any attempt to sell the bikes would be easily “flagged”.

New Forest Cycling has urged anyone with information to come forward and warned other business owners to be wary of a similar incident.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: ‘We are investigating a burglary at New Forest Cycling, The Cross, Burley.

“The incident happened sometime in the night between 5:30 pm on July 26 and 8 am on July 27. 15 e-bikes, worth around £ 2,400 each, were stolen.

“Anyone with information should call the police on 101, citing the crime reference number 44210297443.”

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