MyTransporter launches an exquisite platform for logistics companies

MyTransporter is a Nigerian company that has created an innovative platform, connecting its customers to the most sophisticated logistics and delivery services.

MyTransporter’s platform appeared on the scene, albeit in beta stage, on September 16, 2021. In the first week of its launch, several merchants came on board in Surelere and Lagos, and the top ten commands have been executed.

Although a new venture, MyTransporter has taken the position as the first platform built in Africa. Through strategic partnerships, diligent work and a clear vision, the platform has met the most pressing needs of its customers: reliable services, transparency and minimal fees.

The brand spokesperson explains that MyTransporter is built on actionability, stating:

“Our foundation lies in problem solving. From the very beginning, our founders set us on the path to helping people find a better way to get things from point A to point B, an empowering business. We started by delivering small packages on motorcycles and have grown to include vans, pickups and trucks of all sizes. Today, we help thousands of businesses do more by providing end-to-end logistics solutions, financing and online marketplaces through technology. »

MyTransporter offers drone delivery, road delivery and airdrop services, bridging consumers with some of the most reputable and trusted merchants in the African market.

In terms of road deliveries, MyTransporter works with the best delivery drivers and is widely regarded as the largest last mile delivery service in Nigeria. Convenient tracking, quality drivers and very affordable prices are the most notable benefits of engaging MyTransporter services. This category includes bicycle deliveries, bicycle deliveries, truck and van deliveries, and car deliveries.

Consumers wishing to transport goods quickly have the option of doing so with drone deliveries from MyTransporter. The brand is the undisputed leading provider of modern logistics facilities in Nigeria and has an arsenal of drones suitable for packages of all weights.

In addition to transporting goods, the MyTransporter platform also offers Flight Drops – a service for transporting people. Since air freight costs are usually high, the brand analyzes the market and is committed to finding the most affordable and reliable option for each customer.

The MyTransporter platform is app-enabled and available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The brand’s website includes a built-in service calculator, providing customers and customers with the ability to get a rough estimate of the cost of a particular order.

The company continues to integrate merchants and welcome new partners into the fold. Requirements to join MyTransporter include a national ID, valid driver’s license, car insurance, motor vehicle logbook and proof of ownership, and a GPS-enabled Android smartphone. All users can create a MyTransporter account for free while the brand only charges a 10% commission on each delivery.

MyTransporter has become the leader in the African logistics market in record time and is committed to perfecting its platform and extending its reach to a wider audience. More information about the company can be found on the company’s official website.

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