Murraylands Cycling Club reveals ambitions to create traffic-free cycling hub | The Murray Valley Standard

THE Murraylands Cycling Club has the ambition to create a traffic-free cycling community center for the area.

The club met Barker MP Tony Pasin to seek his support and discuss the club’s future plans.

The Murraylands Cycling Club was formed and registered with AusCycling Australia 12 months ago with help from the rural town of Murray Bridge.

There has been no registered cycling club at Murray Bridge for only 60 years.

The previous club was registered with the League of South Australian Wheelmen in 1949 and a grand open event was held from Adelaide to Murray Bridge to mark the occasion.

The club ceased to exist in the early 1960s.

Informal groups of cyclists cycled around the district, but these cyclists rode together by mutual consent.

Mr Pasin expressed interest in the clubs proposal and indicated his support for a properly designed traffic-free cycling center for competitive cyclists and the general public.

Mr. Jake Thomas, CEO of AusCycling South Australia, also indicated the full support of all registered clubs in Australia.

He said the proposed facility recognizes the hazards to cyclists on public roads and similar facilities are established or being established in Wagga Wagga NSW and Wangaratta Vic.

Mr Thomas indicated that major competitive events could be headed to Murray Bridge if plans go through.

He also offered assistance with the design work and recommendations from AusCycling.

Local club chairman Mr Jason Woodard said the club would use the facilities just over 15% of daylight hours for racing, training and practice.

it remains to be said that 85% of the time would be available to members of the public, recreational cyclists, those in rehabilitation programs, other groups, and generally for all ages in the community.

“We believe the safety of a facility free from other road users will encourage more people to take up our beautiful hobby of cycling in possibly one of the best climates for cycling in Australia.”

Mr Woodard added “We fully realize that we have an arduous and complicated journey ahead, but we have the desire and determination to see it through as we fully understand the benefits it will bring and we are trying this in a hugely positive community doing wonderful results in community projects, which of course are led by the entire Rural City of Murray Bridge Council team.

I’m sure it will happen.”

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