Man arrested in Rossendale on recall to jail over illegal off-road bike checks


It was a busy weekend for the Police Task Force who were on the move to tackle the off-road biking issues.

On Saturday morning, officers from the Rossendale Rural Task Force made a number of stops on vans after receiving reports that bicycles were being transported to the area on the back of these vehicles in an attempt to be illegally driven into the moors.

Although they did not discover any such activity, police stopped several vehicles and found two drivers without insurance, one without a license and a motorist driving while he was disqualified.

They also seized a van and arrested a person who was being recalled from prison.

On Saturday, a police spokesperson said: “The Rossendale Rural Task Force was this morning to tackle the problem of ‘off-roading’ and road safety.

“We have heard from the public that bicycles are transported to Rossendale in the backs of vans and then illegally ridden on our moor.

“As such, they focused on stopping the vans this morning.

“We are happy to report that several vans that were stopped were heading to our local sites where they can be legally used.

“However, within hours, they had reported two drivers without insurance and one without a license.

“Reported another for driving while disqualified, seized a van and then arrested one person while helping with another matter that was wanted on the recall to jail.

“Rossendale Police would ask people undertaking this activity to use legal facilities and not to break the law while driving on the moors.”

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