Madonna and Arima Wheelers riders impress during TT team selection exercise



Madonna Wheelers’ Makayla Hernandez (center) with teammates Renelle Bernard and Phoebe Sandy. –

MADONNA WHEELERS and Arima Wheelers Cycling Club were represented by several promising young cyclists in the first of two national team selection assessment exercises on Friday.

Juniors Makayla Hernandez won two fastest times, while juvenile Raul Garcia sealed three for Madonna. The Arima Wheelers were also impressive, setting the fastest times in the junior and elite categories.

The races took place at the National Cycling Center, Couva, and will resume on Friday at 7 p.m. Evaluations are underway to determine which athletes will be selected for the Nations Cup and the Junior Pan American Track Championships.

The selection is based on the achievement of the athletes’ qualifying times over the two days.

At Couva, Hernandez gave eloquent testimony to herself and Madonna, clocking the fastest times in the 200 flying and 500 standing for the junior women.

She clocked 12.83 seconds in the first time, beating teammate Phoebe Sandy, who placed second in 12.65 seconds.

Hernandez also dominated Sandy in the 500m, stopping the clock in 38.63 seconds, ahead of Sandy’s arrival in 39.68 seconds.

Meanwhile, the top youth prospect Garcia sealed the fastest times in three events – the 200 flying in 12.45 seconds, the 250 standing in 21.79 seconds and the 500 standing longer in 38.29 seconds. In the last event, PSL’s Domonic Mara clocked 40.29 seconds for the second fastest time, behind Garcia.

No spectators, family or friends of cyclists were allowed to enter the venue due to covid19 regulations, and clubs were allowed to have only their cyclists competing and two officials at the velodrome.


Flying woman 200

Juniors – Makayla Hernandez, Madonna, 12.83 seconds

Juniors – Phoebe Sandy, Madonna, 12.65 seconds

Ladies – Adrianna Seyjagat, Arima Wheelers, 13.82 seconds

Flying man 200

Juvenile – Raul Garcia, Madonna, 12.45 seconds

Juniors – Devante Lawrence, Arima Wheelers, 12.01 seconds

Juniors – Ryan D’Abreau, Arima Wheelers, 11.36 seconds

Elite – Michael Askee, Evolution Academy, DNS

Elite / U23 – Kyle Caraby, Arima Wheelers, 12.47 seconds

Elite / U23 – D’angelo Harris, Sonics, 11.16 seconds

Elite – Quincy Alexander, DPS team, DNS

Women’s individual pursuit

Elite Women – Kanika Paul-Payne, PSL, 5: 09.14

Men’s Individual Pursuit

Juniors – Mark Anthony Rodriguez, PSL, 4: 51.91

Elite / U23 – Jesse Sampath, PSL, 5: 49.81

Elite – Sheldon Ramjit, Hummingbird, 5: 12,32

Elite – Jabari Whiteman, PSL, DNS

Elite – Akil Campbell, PSL, 4: 43.71

Woman standing 250

Juvenile – Alexia Wilson, Arima Wheelers, 23.84 seconds

Elite – Adrianna Seyjagat, Arima Wheelers, DNS

Man standing 250

Juvenile – Raul Garcia, Madonna, 21.79 seconds

Juniors – Mark Anthony Rodriguez, PSL, 24.35 seconds

Elite / U23 – D’Angelo Harris, Sonics, DNS

Elite / U23 – Zion Pulido, Sonics, 18.09 seconds

Standing woman 500

Juniors – Makayla Hernandez, Madonna, 38.63 seconds

Juniors – Phoebe Sandy, Madonna, 39.68 seconds

Elite – Kanika Paul-Payne, PSL, 45.92 seconds

Elite – Adrianna Seyjagat, Arima Wheelers, 40.93 seconds

Standing man 500

Juvenile – Raul Garcia, Madonna, 38.29 seconds

Juvenile – Domonic Mara, PSL, 40.29 seconds

Juniors – Mark Anthony Rodriguez, PSL, 41.22 seconds


Elite – Jesse Sampath, PSL, 1: 23,29

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