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 Claro is one of the main mobile operators in Latin America, which belongs to the Mexican company América Móvil in the mobile telephony industry in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Uruguay. América Móvil also operates under the name of Comcel in Colombia and Telcel in Mexico.

This cell phone company is one of the best known and with the most clients in the entire Argentine Republic. Claro offers its clients the Amigo Loan , which we will detail below.

When you run out of credit on your cell phone, Amigo Claro Loan gives you $ 3 .- to talk.

  1. Call * PRESTA and follow the instructions. You are credited $ 3.
  2. If you recharge within 48 hours, the service is free.
  3. Otherwise it has a cost of $ 0.50.
  4. The balance borrowed is valid for 10 days.

It also offers the following benefits:

Availability of the service in the clients:

The service will be available for Prepaid customers who have the active line with or without a balance. Clients may request the activation or deactivation of the same through Customer Service.


It is a personal assistant that answers the calls, when you are using your Claro, or you have it off.

With this service you know who calls you before attending.

Text message
Now you can send and receive written messages from one Claro to another mobile phone. You do not need to access a web page or call an operator, you just have to write the message in your Claro, send it and it will arrive instantly to the other person who will be able to answer in the same way.

How to transfer Claro Balance

How to transfer Claro Balance

Now you can transfer the balance of your Claro to another Claro with Fixed Invoice or Friend Kit. This means that the transfer does not have a certain limit, and the steps to follow are the following:

1 .- Send a message to 888. As text of the message I wrote, separated by a space, the number of Claro of your friend (with the area code but without the 15) and the amount to transfer. For example, if you want to transfer $ 3 and your friend lives in Buenos Aires, you will write 1154098888 3.
2 .- You and your friend will get a text message confirming the transfer.
3 .- Your friend will receive the balance transferred minus $ 0.50 corresponding to the cost of the service, which will be recognized if your friend makes a balance charge within 48 hours. of having received the transfer.

The Service is valid throughout the country, only for GSM lines, and the cost of the service for which it transfers is $ 0.13.




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