ITV Good Morning Britain fans outraged by traffic blunder

Viewers of ITV’s Good Morning Britain were outraged this morning watching a segment about new rules for cyclists on the roads.

The show, hosted by Susanna Reid and Ed Balls, featured a clip of a cyclist driving down a road in Warrington as they discussed changes to the new traffic regulations.

The featured cyclist was riding her bike on the road, when there was a bike lane on the path right next to her.

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Viewers were outraged by the gaffe as they took to Twitter to share their aggravation and confusion.

Kev said: “#GMB There’s a bike lane on this path, why is it even on the road?”

The Good Morning Britain cyclist rode on the road rather than the cycle path

Lee said: “Surely this Warrington cyclist should be on the right hand cycle lane which was created for #GMB @GMB cycling safety.”

Ray said: ‘Ironically there’s an empty bike lane to his left… #GMB’

Mike said: “This rider was giving me top notch #GMB Bambi anxiety on a bike!”

The new rules plan to give priority to cyclists to help improve safety while encouraging cycling.

The show’s guest speaker Tony Doyle said new rules are needed to make cyclists safer.

He said the need for change is because motorists don’t leave enough room when passing, as he said: “Motorists need to slow down and give you more space when they pass you .

“It’s common sense – be more courteous to other road users.”

Other viewers agreed that if the rules changed for cyclists, just like motorists, they should have insurance.

Claire said: “So if the rules are meant to protect cyclists, they should have insurance. I ride a bike and would be happy to have it. #GMB.”

Another user said: “If cyclists are going to use the roads and have some level of rights then they should also be required to carry insurance. #gmb”

Russ said: “#gmb most cyclists are a bloody menace. My life was turned upside down after I hit a cyclist who didn’t think the passing lines applied to him. They should be insured because some of these bikes cost thousands. The crash cost me a small fortune.”

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV and ITV Hub.

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