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Hours ahead of Langley offers this weekly feature, call it “At Your Service”.

This is another forum in which to ask questions of our local politicians about the major issues facing our community and its residents.

Using a basic Q&A format, elected officials will be asked one question at a time and given the opportunity to respond (to a maximum of 250 words) on said question.

Alternating between elected groups, Langley City and Township Councils, Langley School Board, Langley MLAs and Langley MLAs each have the opportunity to participate.

The answers provided will be published in full online each Sunday.

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Langley city councilors are asked: The city is largely flat and has an expanding network of cycle paths, making it ideal for local cycling trips. Is it time to introduce a bike share or scooter share scheme? ?



Mayor Val van den Broek

A. Yes, this is definitely something that will be discussed, once our Transportation Master Plan (TMP) is ready for review.

With the arrival of the SkyTrain, we need to anticipate the needs of our community, and the final MTP will address all the ways we move, including driving, walking, cycling and public transport.

These sharing programs have many benefits, such as better health, positive economic impact on commercial areas, they encourage new demographics – those who would not normally ride a bike – to start using bikes to get around , which reduces travel time by car, which leads to fewer emissions.

A bicycle or scooter is also cheaper than owning a car which includes insurance, gas and maintenance costs.

We must continue to build a healthy and safe community by creating walkable and bikeable neighborhoods where residents can choose to live, work, shop and play nearby.

Here are some questions we will also need to consider:

Would this be run by the City or could this be a good business opportunity for someone?

Could we partner with TransLink or other companies or organizations for a pilot project?

Would it be a free or paid service?

Do we just do one option, or do we do both?

Fortunately, there are many cities to consult the information, which gives us many advantages and saves us from having to reinvent the wheel.


Councilor Paul Albrecht

A. I don’t believe the timing of such programs is right for our community.

The City still needs more dedicated and safe bike lanes for such a program to succeed. The other challenge is that such a program would have to be a private company initiative because the City’s staffing levels could not support such a program without increasing staff – which in turn increases taxes.

If a private company wanted to implement such a program, the city/council would certainly consider providing such a service model for our residents.


Councilor Teri James

A. In my opinion, it is too early for a bike or scooter sharing program, as Langley City’s bike paths are not developed enough for that.

This may be something to consider once SkyTrain is fully operational, but even then I don’t think it is something that should be the City’s responsibility to provide services to our community.

It should be run by a private company, and I’m guessing only because it would make business sense for the organization running it.

I imagine they would work with the City to develop this, ensuring fairness and safety for everyone involved.


Councilor Gayle Martin

A. A bike or scooter sharing program can be a good thing as long as it is a private enterprise.

Spending taxpayer dollars to buy and maintain bikes and scooters would not be fiscally responsible, in my view.


Councilor Nathan Pachal

A. There is still a gap in the safer and more comfortable cycling network between 203rd Street and Glover Road. There is also a lack of safer and more comfortable on-street east/west cycle paths.

Once SkyTrain is up and running and the gap in the cycling network is filled, it would make sense to consider a bike-sharing program.


Councilor Rudy Storteboom

A. Traffic calming devices and dedicated bike lanes provide a healthy and affordable transportation option for Langley City residents now and in the future.

I like the idea of ​​a bike share program, but there’s a lot to consider, including: a business plan that provides for a well-maintained fleet of bikes/scooters, flexible payment options, Convenient pick-up and drop-off locations, charging stations that have security information and efficient locks.

Certain logistics around safety, insurance, bike/scooter tracking and the need to wear a helmet will require special attention.

Minimizing financial risk and taxpayer liability should be a priority.

Some cities have had great success with bike sharing while others have suffered significant and unforeseen losses.

Any bike share business the City partners with should consider a well-marketed, local strategy that can integrate with transit and expand throughout the region.

Langley City could partner by granting exclusive rights for a certain period of time, with a commitment to improve and maintain the cycling network.

In addition, the City could provide space for charging/payment/information terminals.

I would love to see more manual and electric bikes and scooters in Langley City. They are practical, affordable, safe and fun.


Councilor Rosemary Wallace

A. It would be nice to see a bike share and scooter share program in the town of Langley.

Considering safety is important, and dedicated infrastructure with sustainable funding needs to be well thought out if the City of Langley is to move forward.

Meghan Winters, who directs the (CHATR) lab at SFU’s Faculty of Health Sciences, said part of the problem could be provincial legislation that doesn’t allow devices like electric scooters to run on routes, as well as the general apprehension of potential users after they have had a negative experience elsewhere.

Metro Vancouver residents test positive with micro-capacity systems from a study done with the lab (CHATR) in partnership with Hub Cycling.

If the City of Langley continues to build connectivity through expanded bike lanes, it might be prudent to consider a bike share program to enable equitable and inclusive transportation that has less environmental impacts. environment.



Councilors for the Township of Langley next week are asked: Where should the next SkyTrain extension go south of the Fraser River – east to Abbotsford, north to Maple Ridge or west to White Rock and South Surrey?


Watch for their responses online next Sunday.



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