‘I wanted to cry’: Man offered $10 compensation after damaging his motorbike in Yishun parking lot, Singapore News

If you own a vehicle, you would know how painful and expensive it is to damage it and send it in for repair.

So you can imagine how upset Tan Yen Jue felt when he realized someone had messed up his pink motorbike.

And to add salt to his wound, the assailant, who identified himself as Lim in a note, then offered Tan a measly $10 in compensation.

In a four-minute TikTok uploaded on Sunday, September 18, Tan revealed what happened about two months ago when he discovered the sorry state of his bicycle in an HDB parking lot in Yishun.

At the start of the video, he showed the long dark stripe on the left side of his bike. He also revealed that a piece next to the headlights had come off.

In the comments to the video, Tan shared that the engine cover itself would cost “nearly $1,000” to fix, and he’s still unsure of the total repair cost.


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Tan and his friend taking the video speculated that Lim must have been moving really fast when he hit Tan’s motorcycle.

While inspecting the damage, they found a note from Lim attached to the motorcycle’s on-board unit (IU) with Lim’s phone number and a message that read, “I accidentally hit your bike.”

In the video, Tan expressed how lucky he was that Lim left his number, adding that he was very unlucky because his bike had just been freshly spray painted.

Unfortunately, he didn’t stay relieved for long.

During the call, which was mostly in Mandarin, Tan could be heard telling Lim that the damage was “very severe” and that the front and rear of his vehicle were affected.

He also insisted the incident was “not a trivial matter”.

While Tan asked if they should settle the case via an insurance claim, Lim asked for a “private settlement.” In response, Tan told Lim he was “very calm” so he didn’t have to worry.

However, Tan wasn’t so calm seconds later when Lim offered to compensate her $10 for all damages.

“Uncle, what can I do with $10? Will the $10 buy me coffee?” he asked Lim in frustration, adding that he had just sent his bike in for a paint job recently.

“Help me a bit, it’s not even my fault. I’m giving you a way out now, you know that?” Tan said pointedly.

He also told Lim that he might have no choice but to file a police report if they couldn’t come to a reasonable conclusion.

Eventually, Lim offered to meet with Tan to sort things out.

“It’s ridiculous!” Tan yelled after the phone call ended.

In the comments, Tan shared this, “I felt like crying when he offered me $10.”

He also shared that after rejecting the $10 offer, he filed an insurance claim against Lim. However, he claimed that Lim did not file an accident report and therefore could not successfully file a lawsuit against him.

In the comments to the video, Tan said he hired a lawyer to remind Lim of the consequences of not filing an accident report.

In a recent comment on TikTok, Tan said “the matter is under control.”

AsiaOne has contacted Tan for comment.

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 305,100 views and 625 comments with many furious with Lim and his bid.

There were also those tickled by Lim’s $10 compensation.

Some added that with that amount, all Tan could afford was a tube of super glue or duct tape to fix the bike parts himself.


However, some praised Lim for his honesty and said it was nice of him to leave a note for Tan.


In situations where a motorist is involved in a hit-and-run and the other party does not want to file an accident report, one can go to shops affiliated with law firms where they will hire a lawyer to sue the other party for repair costs.

On the other hand, if a company vehicle is involved, one can also request the assistance of the police.

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