How to protect your bike against loss or theft

Cycling is a great way to get daily exercise and do your part to prevent air pollution. Unfortunately, bikes are easy to steal and thousands are stolen every year. It’s very annoying when your bike suddenly disappears because you failed to lock it or you don’t know where you left it. It can be a relief to know that you have bike insurance to cover you against theft or loss. There are steps you can take to reduce the risk of your bike being stolen.

Why bike insurance is important

Bicycles and e-bikes are expensive and may not be fully covered by policies such as home or car insurance policies. If they are damaged or stolen, you are responsible for covering repairs or replacements. With bicycle ensures, you pay a small premium each month to ensure that if something happens to your bike, it’s fully covered. The following tips can reduce your risk of having your bike stolen, but there’s no 100% guarantee that it won’t happen.

Be sure to lock your bike

This trick may seem obvious, but locking your bike is an easy way to reduce the risk of theft. Many cyclists have their bikes stolen because they neglect to lock them properly. You should double check to make sure your bike is properly connected to the lock and the lock is securely fastened. If you leave your bike unattended without locking it, you invite bike thieves to take advantage of the situation.

How you lock your bike matters

Locking only the front wheel or rear wheel of your bike to a post is a very common mistake, especially for bikes with quick-release wheels. This allows someone to easily remove the wheel and take the frame. Instead, block the rear wheel and frame. If you want to be even more careful, you can use two locks. You can thread a chain or cable lock through the wheels and use a regular U-lock for the frame.

Lock your bike to an immovable object

You should always attach your bike to an immovable object. Signs can be removed and thin steel can be cut with bolt cutters. If you lock your bike to a construction scaffold, you should only secure it to the vertical bars, as the horizontal bars can easily be unscrewed and removed. Securing your bike to a wooden fence is not a good idea either, as wood is easy to break.

If you tie your bike to a wooden fence and walk into a restaurant to eat, you may just walk out and find that the wood has been broken off and your bike is no longer there. It helps if you have bike theft insurance. All you have to do is give the insurance company information about you, your bike, and what you need. You will get a quote and you can choose the font that suits you best.

Use a lock

It may be worth investing in some modifications to the bike that could prevent it from being stolen. You can buy an ART-approved lock with a quality label accepted by insurers. Different levels of security are indicated by stars, and you shouldn’t buy one with less than two stars.

Don’t forget your bike accessories

Your bike may come with expensive accessories, like a gel-cushioned bike saddle. If it has a quick release option, it’s best to take your seat with you. You can also secure your seat using a binder bolt instead of the quick release option. If you have an e-bike, the battery is very valuable. If it’s not attached to your bike, it’s best to take it with you.


Bike thieves can be innovative, which means that no lock is likely to be 100% anti-theft. Spending a little money on a good quality lock is a good preventative measure. However, having bike insurance won’t cost you too much and means that if your bike is stolen, you won’t have to bear the costs.

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