Here’s what will expire if Congress doesn’t pass the relief bill



  • Democrats are trying to push through the $ 1.9 trillion stimulus bill before some benefits expire this month.
  • The current package includes relief checks of $ 1,400 and $ 400 per week in federal unemployment benefits.
  • The programs involved include unemployment benefits and food stamp allowances.

The House passed its $ 1.9 trillion stimulus bill over the weekend. The proposal now walks to the Senate in a race to approve the massive coronavirus relief bill ahead of some programs scheduled to expire this month.

Package includes $ 1,400 dunning checks, $ 400 per week in federal unemployment benefits and funds for coronavirus tests and vaccines. The bill was widely adopted by parties in the House in a vote of 219 to 212 – with two Democrats joining all House Republicans in opposition to the bill.

The proposal only requires a simple majority in the Senate to land on President Joe Biden’s desk, but lawmakers can propose amendments to the bill and are likely to craft a different version of the proposal. That would send it back to the House for approval, or both houses would have to negotiate budget items in a joint conference committee.

“Now the bill is transferred to the United States Senate, where I hope it will receive swift action,” Biden said at a press briefing this weekend. “We do not have time to lose.”

“If we act now – decisively, swiftly and boldly – we can finally get ahead of this virus,” the president added. “We can finally revive our economy.”

Here are the issues if the bill is not passed by the end of March:

Unemployment benefits expire on March 14

Federal temporary unemployment programs are expected to expire this month, leaving more than 11 million unemployed Americans without federal financial assistance. Weekly unemployment benefits were included in the first coronavirus relief package passed by Congress last March, and payments were extended for an additional 11 weeks in the package adopted in December.

Based on data from the The Century Foundation“soft cliff”, in which their benefits would end between mid-March and mid-April.

Even if Biden signs the new package by mid-March, some unemployed Americans will experience a payment hiccup, just a month after the disruption in payments due to the delay in finalizing the December relief bill. The funds were ultimately sent retroactively to those who qualified for the program.

Paycheck Protection Program and Federal Moratorium on Evictions Not Included in Current Bill

P3s Loans, a crucial federal financial aid program to help small businesses, are due to expire this month. The current bill will not extend the program beyond March 31.

But if the proposal passes before March 31, an additional $ 7 billion will be allocated to the program to help more small businesses, as well as “providing $ 15 billion to the Disaster Emergency Loan Program, which provides long-term low-interest loans from the Small Business Administration,” CNN reported.

The proposal also includes $ 25 billion for “a new subsidy program specifically for bars and restaurants,” according to the CNN report.

Like the small business loan program, the federal moratorium on evictions is also expected to end by the end of the month. To extend the program beyond March, it should be issued by decree.

The proposal currently allocates $ 19.1 billion to state and local governments to support rent and utilities to low-income households, as well as $ 5 billion to states and cities to help communities and localities at risk. homelessness. Another $ 10 billion would go to homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages, utilities and property taxes.

Tax incentive for employers that offers sick leave and extended family time to end March 31

A federal tax incentive program that allows employers to offer sick days and extended family leave will end on March 31 if the bill is still under negotiation at the end of the month. In the CARES law, passed last March, the federal government guaranteed an additional 10 weeks of paid family leave to families with children who were at home with schools closed.

The benefit expired in December, but “employers can still claim a tax credit if they have voluntarily provided the extended paid leave until March,” CNN reported.

Food stamp benefits could be extended as part of the relief program

Americans who receive food stamps received 15% more benefits under the relief program adopted last December. The benefits are expected to last until June, but the massive proposal currently in the Senate could extend the benefits until September.

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