Hereford’s Beryl Bikes can gear up for the long haul with new contract confirmation

Popular Hereford pick-up and depot Beryl Bikes can gear up for the long haul with a new deal that keeps them on the road for at least another five years – and not just around town.

The Council will provide up to £500,000 over five years for the scheme, with Beryl responsible for all other costs and funding the scheme for the duration of the contract.

And the program comes with commitments to increase the supply of e-bikes by more than 100 in the first year of the new contract to support SMS unlocking – eliminating the requirement for smartphones and prepaid cards – and no change to current user fees.

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Subject to council approval, the contract could see the service expanded through pilot projects elsewhere in the county.

In supporting an expansion of the program to the firm level, the board confirms that Beryl has achieved an excellent rating for both service implementation and service delivery.

And, although it was included as an essay, Beryl scored well for its contribution to social value.

Beryl will work with Pedicargo and the Hereford Cycle Hub to deliver the service – which covers the supply of pedal bikes, e-bikes and racks as well as all management, servicing, maintenance and monitoring – from April of this year.

The distinctive green Beryl Bikes have been part of the Hereford street scene since 2019, there are now around 200 bikes and 30 e-bikes available at 65 Beryl Bays across the city where bikes can be picked up and dropped off.

Passengers will have a choice of Pay-As-You-Ride payment method, minute packages or 24-hour day passes.

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