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The Bathurst Cycling Club has once again proven itself to be Australia’s premier regional club for eSports cycling, but also one of the best in the country. After placing third in the inaugural edition of the AusCycling esports clubs national cycling series in August, Bathurst confirmed that in an even tougher second edition to place fifth, as they battled with 50 of the best clubs in the country. Only the Vikings Cycling Club, Canberra Cycling Club and Randwick finished ahead of the Bathurst team, with manager Mark Windsor extremely proud of their effort. “Bathurst finished fourth behind the two big clubs of Canberra, Vikings and Canberra City,” Windsor said. “We were in a big battle for third place with the two Sydney clubs, Waratah and Randwick, and Randwick finished stronger than anyone to get third place, but we were impressive to pass Waratah, who won first series, I might add, to get 4. “So we definitely established ourselves as the best regional team in Australia and also in the top five in Australia overall, which is pretty impressive.” Founded in 1884, the Bathurst Cycling Club is one of Australia’s oldest and has long-time runners who have impressed state, national and even international level. But eSports cycling is only a relatively new pursuit for runners. of Bathurst READ ALSO: Paralympic star Tiffany Thomas Kane inspires Bathurst Swim Club members READ ALSO: Angus Wythes announced as new NSW FC Western Coach for 2022 season READ ALSO : Lewis Says Bathurst Brothers Boxing “Smells Like A Rose” Like many clubs across Australia that have been unable to host races for their runners due to COVID-19, Bathurst has become competitive online with indoor trainers using the Zwift cycling app. In the national series, there were female and male categories in grades A, B, C and D with points awarded to the top 30 riders in each of the six rounds contested. In addition to performing well as a club, riders from Bathurst Windsor (male class A), Toireasa Gallagher (female class D) and Gary Baker (male class D) placed in the top five of the series in their respective categories. “Our goal was to get as many team members as possible to the finish line in all categories contested in the club series,” said Windsor. “We had 21 runners from the Bathurst club who completed the Champs-Élysées course in the final round of the series, while it was not a record for the Bathurst club, it was an impressive display and prepared the club for their continued success in the series. ” Another D-grade rider at Glen Carter was also a highlight as he took top honors in the final round, winning a tough peloton sprint on the virtual Champs-Élysées. Carter was surprised at his success as he used running as part of his rehabilitation after surgery to repair a stress fracture. He had spent eight weeks in a boot and it didn’t come off until September. “I was using it just as a little bit of rehab, just coming back from an ankle operation I had at the end of July, I had four screws and two bone grafts,” he said. “I had no idea [the series] was like that. I had done a bit of Zwift and to be honest I was never a fan. But I jumped into those races and Mark taught me a bit about the game and it was great to have played so well against all these big clubs. “I had a victory in the series just before the operation and I thought the Champs-Élysées sounded good, but I didn’t know that was it uphill, it was pretty hard, especially when you didn’t did nothing. doesn’t it do it justice at all … I needed the bucket next to me when I finished. “Of the other Midwest cycling clubs that have competed in the series, Dubbo placed 19th overall, Mudgee 33rd and Orange 45th. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here is how you can access our trusted content:


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