Get on your pedals with the Wu-Tang Clan range of bikes

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Get started with this Wu-Tang Klunker. A retro-style mountain bike. (Photo: State Bicycle Co)

  • Do you like hip-hop music and singlespeed? State has some great new bikes for you.
  • Collaborating with one of the most famous hip-hop groups in history, these three State bikes might be your ideal idea of ​​cool.
  • Since all three bikes are single speed, they are very cheap to maintain.

What do cycling and hip-hop have in common? State Bicycles and the Wu-Tang Clan.

State’s latest collaboration with one of the world’s most popular hip-hop groups has resulted in three new bikes. For trendy city dwellers and fans of retro mountain bikes.

The state’s specialty is minimalist urban bicycle transport, mainly fixies and single speed bikes with a low maintenance charge.


These Wu-Tang Clan edition bikes come with optional bottle openers. Practical, when you need to party after a ride. (Photo: State Bicycle Co)

When you wanna hip-hop on gravel

The first of State’s new Wu-Tang Clan bikes is the Klunker. With a steel frame, stiff fork, raised handlebars and coaster brakes, the Wu-Tang Killer Bee Klunker is best suited for cruising a boardwalk rather than single-track trails.

As cycling historians know, the first mountain bikes were called Klunkers, by their users. And State tried to stay true to the look of those 1970s bikes, with curved tubing and an absence of modern brake technology.

Wu-Tang Clan

Nothing says urban commuting, like a black steel singlespeed, with yellow hubs. (Photo: State Bicycle Co)

The mid-range option

If big tires aren’t your thing, there’s the Wu-Tang Core Line. It is a classic urban cruiser made from steel tubing.

Unlike the Klunker, State’s product planners know that riders on a Wu-Tang Core Line will move at high speed in high density urban areas. To make the bike safe enough in traffic, it is equipped with rim brakes.

The Wu-Tang Core Line has a dominant black colorway, contrasted by yellow hubs and subtle graphics.

single speed

Bigger tubes, aluminum, but a light fork. This is for Wu-Tang Clan fans who want to go fast. (Photo: State Bicycle Co)

Alloy and carbon. For hip hop fans

Need more speed? Then consider the Wu-Tang 6061 Black Label. This bike may look like State’s Wu-Tang Core Line overall, but its tubing is aluminum instead of steel. And the fork is carbon fiber.

By not using steel in the construction of the Core Line, State creates a very light urban bike that rolls with great efficiency and is easy to blast through road debris and bike paths.

Beyond the three Wu-Tang Clan-branded bike options, there’s an impressive catalog of accessories. Handles, seats, handlebar bagsand riding clothes are available with the Wu-Tang Clan brand.

For ardent fans of hip-hop music, who love the idea of ​​a low-maintenance commuter bike, State’s new Wu-Tang Clan range could be a hot buy.

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