FCA shares its goals for the new school year – Milligan Stampede

As Milligan prepares for peak day on September 14, many campus clubs and organizations are working hard to make their presence known to students.

Alex Windham is shown in the center.

While all deserve your support and attention, including the Stampede, there is one that connects both student athletics and faith: the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA). FCA is a national organization that aims to support and serve student-athletes by connecting them to their faith, both on and off their future playing field.

FCA Senior and Chairman Alex Windham is delighted the group is growing this year,

“We want to serve and equip student-athletes,” he said. “We want to meet their spiritual needs by bringing them closer to God.”

This is Windham’s second year as FCA president and fourth year as a member of Milligan’s cross-country team.

He and his team have plans in place to hold weekly team Bible studies for every team on campus, as well as weekly devotions. This allows for constant rotation of content from the FCA, in order to establish a connection sooner. They also hope to hold larger events, including their annual volleyball tournament and the FCA takeover of Chapel.

Windham is not alone in his pursuit of excellence for the FCA this year. He has an excellent management team around him, including Skylan Stephens, John Combs and Flynn Carlson.

Stephens is a graduate student in counseling who joined FCA as a freshman and has been on the leadership team since the fall of his sophomore year. Additionally, he is a sprinter for Milligan’s track team.

He described his experience with FCA before he became a leader as something that “came into the clutch”, as a freshman.

“It was an outlet to meet new people and experience being part of a great community that all celebrated God with him,” he said. “I see FCA as a way to connect with athletes personally and spiritually to make the idea of ​​faith less daunting for students.”

Both Stephens and Windham have reached national championship level for their respective sports and they both believe that being part of the FCA has helped them get to that point.

Windham and Stephens welcome all freshmen or newcomers looking to join FCA.

If you have any questions, please contact Alex Windham through the FCA Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/milliganfca/?igshid=100b08g3kx5en.

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