Fast scooters raise safety concerns at Barnstaple


Safety concerns have been raised about the speed of scooters around Barnstaple.

Speaking to Inspector Andy Wills at a city council meeting on Monday, March 29, Councilor Arthur Windsor said: “The law stated that these electric scooters could not exceed a specific speed limit, like bicycles. electric.

“You’re limited to anything over 15 mph; it comes under different legislation. I have seen an increasing increase in these scooters. There is a guy making a really big one and passed me on my e-bike in the past on my way up Newport.

Inspector Wills replied, “They are essentially motor vehicles.

“The only time it’s legal for them to be used on the roads is if they have all the paperwork in place to use a motor vehicle. This includes insurance, test certificates.

“There are specific exemptions for programs approved by the Ministry of Transport that are used nationally in various towns and villages to test their operation.

“In those areas, they can set the scooters through an area to travel at 10, 12.5, or 15 mph. We are still in consultation on this matter.

“People who use scooters privately are very unlikely to be able to get insurance, and in my experience they usually don’t.”

Councilor Ian Roome added, “I want to buy one myself, not rent one somewhere. I see half the guys from Royal Mail in Roundswell coming down the path in the morning, all on e-bikes.

“Planet Bike told me that they sold tons of e-bikes to letter carriers.

“Do you remember when you took a bike test at school and got a certificate? Why not bring something like this to tell them not to go up the main street when it’s pedestrianized and the like, but to use safe routes instead.

“I think they’re used well, they’re a good thing; only because I want on myself.

Inspector Wills said he cycled to and from work and every time he climbed a hill he was passed by someone on an electric bicycle.

“I am deeply jealous of them,” he said. “Electric bikes are fantastic equipment.

“The scooters Voi is testing right now are the ones you stand on. Discussions are underway with the supplier, suggesting if they would be interested in providing them to the police in order to model good driver behaviors and demonstrate that they could be used in a reasonable manner.

“You can log in through an app, and it displays areas that you cannot access.”

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