Fans of Dutchman Miguel Indurain who will make his Vatican debut in the World Cycling Championship

This week they celebrate in Australia Cycling World Championships, The queen of elite road cycling will be on Sunday a very difficult stage of more than 260 kms in which a hero will be, to say the least, particular. And not because he has options to win a medal. had been named Rin’s Barn House And he would go down in history: he would be the first cyclist to represent the Vatican in a professional competition. He is of Dutch origin, but he married a woman who is now a diplomat in the Holy See.

Vatican It is the smallest state in the world, with only 800 inhabitants, many of whom are religious, but also ordinary people. He grew up on a bike, although he only started riding in college.

He used to ride his bike for everything, shopping, walking…but when he really realized how important a bike is in his life, he went 32 years oldOn his return from India, he understood that he wanted to take a step forward by becoming a professional cyclist.

never He had previously competed professionally without riding a bike. He has also watched many competitions on television, and he has seen professional cyclists who are real references for him. In fact, what is different is always our Spanish Miguel Indurainalways loved her CandyA model for the new generation.

Rin was called up two months ago by the president of the Vatican to represent the state at the world cycling championships. He accepted without hesitation.

This Sunday, he will make his debut representing the Vatican at the World Cycling Championships. A competition in which practically all the countries of the world will be represented.

But this Sunday, whatever the outcome, whatever the outcome, that’s for sure. Rin’s Barn House History will be made.

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