Fans in stitches as Mark Cavendish is seen cycling through London wearing all his team gear


A LUCKY cyclist had a chance encounter with cycling legend Mark Cavendish on the streets of London on Wednesday.

Cavendish, 36, wore the full team uniform and wore the Lidl-sponsored blue jersey from Deceuninck Quick-step.


Mark Cavendish was pictured at a red light on a London road
Cavendish won the green jersey at the Tour de France this year, his first since 2011


Cavendish won the green jersey at the Tour de France this year, his first since 2011

The Olympic and Tour de France icon lives near London, having bought a house in Essex to accompany his other properties.

The star also has homes on the Isle of Man, where he is from, and Tuscany, Italy.

And he was enjoying an unlikely ride through the capital when he was spotted by another cyclist.

But unlike many London cyclists, Cavendish was obeying a red light when he was photographed.

Oddly enough, the photo also saw a roadworks sign in the distance that read: “Narrow Lane. Don’t pass cyclists.”

Considering Cavendish’s two-wheeled prowess, the drivers are unlikely to have felt the need to pass the Briton.


The snap also surprised fans and led to a lot of joking about the veteran cyclist.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “The complete kit wan …… that’s fucked up Cav.”

Another said: “Magic. Did he use the car as the front man, then jump the next red light to take the stage victory?”

A third added: “Love it. Kind of like Ronaldo playing headers and volleys on the park in a full United kit? Which, to be fair, I would expect to see him.”

Another fan said: “On the way to Aldi for the weekly store?”

Cavendish has just completed the Tour of Britain, which ended last weekend.

The Manx Missile finished 68th overall but failed to win a stage and finished tenth in the points standings.

He couldn’t repeat his exploits in France earlier in the summer, when he tied Eddie Merckx’s record 24 stage victories in the Tour de France.

Cavendish has won four stage victories – his first in five years on the Tour.

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