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For the editor:

I offer my support to Jeremy Evans for the position of mayor.

During my 12 years at Saranac Lake, I have worked with Jeremy on many levels. Jeremy is someone who deserves credit for developing the framework and laying the foundation for economic growth in Saranac Lake.

Prior to Jeremy’s arrival as Director of Community Development, the village lacked direction and direction on how best to develop. Jeremy led the development and implementation of the village’s award-winning comprehensive plan and the professional streamlining of the planning board review process. He never abandoned the individual process of dealing with individual resident concerns. This paved the way for the high-profile projects that followed, including the landmark renovations to the Saranac Hotel. When the village’s water system was in disrepair, Jeremy helped secure $14 million in interest-free financing for repairs and a $2 million grant for meter updates. When Mount Pisgah needed major upgrades, Jeremy worked with volunteers and the Pisgah manager to develop a master plan to acquire a $600,000 grant. To my knowledge, Jeremy has made over $20 million which has directly benefited the village, its businesses and its residents. I was proud to work directly with Jeremy for four years on the village planning committee and watched him tirelessly manage different roles in multiple capacities.

Outside of the Planning Council, I was involved with Jeremy and others in setting up a Safe Routes to School initiative, which received national attention. At the same time, it has drawn up a Master Plan for cycle and pedestrian paths, which has earned us bike-friendly community” status. I was a co-founder of Hobofest and Jeremy’s support of our music festival has been essential. He engaged the village and organized resources that allowed us to live 10 great years, which continues today as a free and successful music festival. This community event would not have happened without him.

Jeremy was involved in the creation of the Downtown Advisory Council and the Parks and Trails Advisory Council. These two organizations bring together the most committed and innovative minds in the village, leading to the best momentum in business development and community action plans for outdoor/recreational activities in decades. The hard work of these councils resulted in a downtown revitalization initiative that brought refreshment to our aging downtown infrastructure.

These examples, along with many others, make up a list of projects that may not seem glorious, but they are the blood of village life. No one made this happen, but they all took a leader. Jeremy is one of the most organized and dedicated professionals I have worked with in my career in architecture, planning and development. While you enjoy the things you love about the village, I ask you to take a moment and consider the hard work behind the scenes that made them all happen.

Jeremy has spent over 14 years investing in this village. He and his family have dedicated their lives to Lake Saranac and the Adirondacks. His work is solid and durable. Jeremy is the right person for this position.

Todd Smith

Saranac Lake

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