Endurance athletes push each other to help mothers make the right choice


Whatever the stresses and conflicts of the past, giving hope to those with a future is its own reward.

Rae Bagus and her sanctuary for women in search of an alternative to abortion, Lil Choices, take on the challenges. The establishment on Dan Pienaar Avenue currently has three residents, one more of which is scheduled for the coming week, and is monitoring two pregnant women. “This has been the most difficult time we have ever experienced in our existence,” said Resilient Rae.

The anti-abortion center relies solely on sponsors, and some of their main contributors are the best lycra riders in the West Rand. Alchemy Cycling Club is the amalgamation of two local cycling clubs, New Horizons Cycling Club and Esmero Cycling, with name inspiration coming from the synergy of two elements.

Embodying the spirit of determination and self-sacrifice of Lil Choices, two endurance athletes from Alchemy Cycling, Imran Abbass and Firoze Limalia. Using running and off-road cycling as a platform, the pair managed to raise enough funds for Lil Choices to build a dormitory to increase Rae’s ability to offer his anti-abortion services.

Imran ran the Comrades Virtual Marathon last year, completing the entire descent from Pietermaritzburg to Durban on a treadmill. “Every time there was a downhill section, we had to go down to do squats to simulate the descent,” Imran explained. Firoze demonstrated his ability to take punishment by completing the 1,121 km Munga ATV trek through the Karoo. Not even halfway through, Firoze injured his foot, but stuck it to his pedal in order to complete the remaining 600 km.

Alchemy Cycling has over 200 members and in addition to conventional road rides, they also congregate at Nasrec to offer newbies or those looking for safer riding in a less intimidating arena. The club has a strong humanitarian focus, providing cycling opportunities and equipment for the less fortunate, while their bond with Lil Choices is cemented by their religious beliefs. “Alchemy is a multi-faith organization and abortion is against all religions,” Imran said.

Thanks to their efforts, the facility is now ready to welcome more than 10 women, but every little gesture contributes to the mission of giving pregnant women a humane alternative to abortion. “We are extremely grateful for their efforts and for everything they do for us. We don’t know how to thank them enough, ”said kind matriarch Rae.

Life is precious, but the struggle to have a life is divine.

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